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CSHP Member Spotlight

CSHP Member Spotlight: Kansas City’s Stacy and Willy Nelson, Jr.

One of the interesting things about a
career in real estate is that people typically venture into it from
many diverse backgrounds and careers. And, that can get even more
interesting when the real estate business partnership is comprised of
a wife and husband.


Willy Nelson, Jr. and Stacy Nelson are
the couple behind Kansas City’s “Midwest Heritage Homes,” a
Keller Williams Platinum Partners team that has specialized in
seniors real estate since 2014.

Both hold the Certified Senior HousingProfessional designation of the Seniors Real Estate Institute and
each credits older family members – Stacy’s parents and Willy’s
grandparents – with being a source of inspiration for their
interest in (and affection for) the seniors real estate niche.


Stacy began working with seniors in
2002, developing and directing senior loyalty clubs for banks, before
joining Willy in their commitment to building a profitable and
purposeful real estate business. Additionally, her parents recently
initiated their own downsizing effort, providing Stacy a useful and
helpful glimpse into the frustrations faced by many downsizing

“We spent hours helping them and
going through the stages with them,” remembers Stacy. “In the
real life situation, we ran into some missing components here in
the local market and realized it was vital that we specialize and
become a voice for the community!”


Willy’s affinity for seniors comes from
an earlier place.

“My grandparents, who were already
seniors when I was born, played a pivotal part in raising me. I spent
every weekend with them. I loved being with my grandparents,” he

Additionally, Willy hails from a
background of network marketing, a business where the majority of his
team leaders and peers were retired seniors. He picked their brains,
learned a lot, and developed a deep respect for their business savvy.

The two have approached their business
development with zeal, adopting many of the strategies suggested by
the Seniors Real Estate Institute, including becoming true advocates
for seniors in their local marketplace through educational forums and
membership in pertinent senior-related organizations in the Kansas
City area like the Jackson County Professionals in Aging, a group of
diverse organizations who work with seniors throughout the KC market.

They’ve also launched a monthly
symposium for Senior homeowners, and recently added a vital position
to the team: a Client Care Manager to help with downsizing clientele.


“She will provide the organizing,
packing and move management that is so helpful to both our clients
and everyone on our team,” notes Stacy.

Nikki Buckelew, co-founder and CEO of
the Seniors Real Estate Institute, says she knew immediately that the
couple were the perfect types of agents to specialize in the seniors

“When Willy and Stacy came to us and
said they wanted to serve seniors and get their CSHP designations,
they stood out. We knew there was something special about them. They
have this innate sense of service that so few people have in real
estate these days,” she remembers. “Not only are they savvy
business people with great marketing and sales skills, they also care
about people. When you combine those two characteristics, you have a
winning team.”


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