Training Solutions

Success in Seniors Real Estate

Learn what it takes to be ‘different’ by completing this advanced foundational course

Becoming a specialist requires differentiation and a strong value proposition to support senior clients. This value proposition is central to positioning yourself as the agent of choice for seniors, adult children, and aging services professionals.

At SREI, we teach you how to create your value proposition and business plan, effectively articulate it, and implement it to attract more clients.

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Senior Downsizing Coach Skills Training

Become the expert at guiding mature homeowners and caregivers

Whether you are assisting recent retirees with decisions about renting versus buying or supporting older adults making end of life housing choices, having strong coaching skills is key.

SREI’s Senior Downsizing Coach Skills training program provides agents with a unique set of communication skills necessary in helping clients navigate challenging or complex late-life moves. Become more effective in assisting mature clients by understanding the hidden deeper issues and learning to ask the right questions.

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