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Are you a graduate of Success in Seniors Real Estate looking to jumpstart your business using the proven foundational strategies and concepts you learned in the course?

If you answered “YES,” then this is the group for you!  

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  • Two 60 minute live virtual group meetings monthly for 6 months (12 sessions) led by SREI faculty.


  • Peer and SREI Faculty support for incorporating Success in Seniors Real Estate course concepts and tools into your real estate sales practice
  • Private online group for staying connected between sessions. 
NOTE: Group size is limited to 10 participants.


The one thing that sets successful agents apart from those who aren’t is implementation! Sometimes we just need someone to keep us focused on taking consistent, purposeful, and strategic action toward our goals. That’s what accountability is all about! 

But sometimes we need someone to help us think through our plans, get clarity about our goals, and put a mirror up reflecting our daily habits and activities. And that is where coaching come in! 

At SREI, we know you have the tools, knowledge, and desire. Now, all you need is the support of others who know it too! Whether you need a peer group walking (or running) alongside you to celebrate successes or you simply want an occasional kick in the pants to keep you on track, you can be sure you will get exactly what you need as a member of this group program. 

Working together
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  • Recent Success in Seniors Real Estate course graduates launching their senior-centered residential real estate specialty.

  • Newly Certified Senior Housing Professionals or those re-launching their senior niche who are committed to implementation of SREI’s foundational teachings (ex. personal platform, professional platform, public platform, senior living community relations, resource team development, etc.).

*This program is NOT intended to address advanced programming, team building, or strategic planning.

CSHP Success Accelerator: Group Accountability & Coaching

$149 per month – 6 months

New group begins in January – a few spots still left.

Prerequisite: Success in Seniors Real Estate Course completion (Parts 1, 2, 3) or Active CSHP status.