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About SREI


At the Seniors Real Estate Institute, we are committed to enriching the expertise of real estate professionals, equipping them with unparalleled knowledge, innovative tools, and comprehensive resources. Our goal? To empower agents to masterfully guide mature buyers and sellers through their residential real estate journeys, thereby championing senior homeowners in the process, ensuring they have seamless access to dedicated experts who are not just skilled, but passionate advocates, driven to provide exceptional service.


As the demographic of older adults continues to grow, so does the frequency of real estate transactions involving this age group. These transactions are often more complex, as they not only involve downsizing but also encompass the emotional and practical challenges of moving after many years in the same home. Certified Senior Housing Professionals (CSHPs) are uniquely equipped to navigate these complexities, ensuring that the needs and concerns of older clients are addressed with empathy and expertise.

Becoming a CSHP not only positions Real Estate Professionals to effectively assist senior clients in selling, purchasing, leasing, or relocating into senior living communities but also enables collaboration with a network of specialized professionals. This comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of the senior client’s transition is handled with care and proficiency, making CSHPs invaluable in today’s real estate market.


Emotions often run high. There are frequently more decision makers, service providers, complicated time lines, and housing choices involved — to name only a few added challenges faced by both professionals and clients. Families look to their real estate agent as a trusted advisor to help navigate both the real estate and relocation maze.

Despite the complexities in serving a more mature clientele, the rewards are many for professionals who have a true passion for service.


In the coming years, the need for trained real estate professionals specializing in the mature market is going to increase exponentially. There is already a huge demand for both associates and brokers who have a heart for seniors and who appreciate the unique characteristics of late life relocations.

Join us in our quest to redefine the standard for late-life residential relocations, where every move is more than a change of address—it’s a new chapter in life’s journey and an opportunity to leave a lasting and meaningful legacy.

Become a Certified Senior Housing Professional and proud member of the Seniors Real Estate Institute community.