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About SREI


Our mission is to educate and equip real estate agents to excel in serving those transitioning later in life—be it long-time home sellers, individuals downsizing, or families managing complex relocations or estates for older adults. We’re dedicated to ensuring agents have the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to provide outstanding support and guidance through these significant, often sensitive, life changes.


Our vision is to create a world where every senior homeowner receives the utmost care and expert guidance in their real estate transactions. By leading the industry in education and certification for real estate professionals, we aim to set a new standard for excellence. This ensures that families, individuals downsizing, and those navigating the complex processes of later-life relocations or estate settlements are supported by knowledgeable and compassionate agents dedicated to making every transition as smooth and positive as possible.


In the evolving landscape of residential real estate, standing out is key for continued success. For those agents with a blend of empathy and business acumen, specializing in the mature market through the Certified Senior Housing Professional (CSHP) program offers a unique opportunity.

This niche not only demands specialized knowledge and sensitivity but also provides a pathway to differentiation in a crowded field, making it an ideal fit for agents committed to serving the complex needs of older adults with excellence.

Empowering Excellence: Blending Client Service with Professional Success

Our programming and tools uniquely blends client service with professional development, recognizing that excellence in serving mature clients and operating a profitable business go hand in hand.

We provide an educational curriculum that not only addresses the specialized needs, goals, and expectations of mature clientele but also focuses on building a strong, rewarding practice.

This balanced approach ensures our agents are best equipped to deliver outstanding service while achieving professional success, setting them apart as leaders in the field.


In the coming years, the need for trained real estate professionals specializing in the mature market is going to increase exponentially. There is already a huge demand for both associates and brokers who have a heart for seniors and who appreciate the unique characteristics of late life relocations.

Join us in our quest to redefine the standard for late-life residential relocations, where every move is more than a change of address—it’s a new chapter in life’s journey and an opportunity to leave a lasting and meaningful legacy.

Become a Certified Senior Housing Professional and proud member of the Seniors Real Estate Institute community.