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Success in Seniors Real Estate is designed for real estate professionals serious about making a major impact in the world of senior real estate. New agents will learn what it takes to grow a successful real estate sales practice by focusing on a highly specialized niche market.  Seasoned agents will gain new insights into how real estate can be both profitable AND rewarding again.
While most agents choose to earn the Certified Senior Housing Professional® (CSHP) designation following the Success in Seniors Real Estate course, it is completely optional. Some agents choose to take the course simply to get advanced strategies and tools for growing their businesses. Others want the benefit of being a part of a growing network of like-minded professionals making a difference through the CSHP community. Many graduates tell us that completing the CSHP process is less about the certification itself, and more about taking action toward growing their seniors real estate practice and the ongoing support and resources they can access by being engaged in the CSHP community.
We welcome other professionals from the aging services and senior housing industries such as move managers, estate liquidators, and others who are intimately involved in helping downsizing seniors and their families make a smooth transition. At the current time, however, the CSHP designation is available only for real estate sales professionals.
To earn the certification you must have completed a minimum of 10 closed transactions (as a buyer’s or seller’s agent). While we appreciate that some applicants may have personal or administrative real estate experience, in order to earn the CSHP credentials, you must have actual first-hand listing, sales, negotiation, and closing experience. Other designations may not require such stringent standards, but you can see from our training and expectations that the Seniors Real Estate Institute and CSHP’s are DIFFERENT. To be considered as a probationary CSHP (prior to closing 10 transactions), please complete the mentor agreement as a supplement to your CSHP application.

Historically attendees had to fly or drive hundreds of miles to attend a live 2-day event. Now, with modern technology and web-conferencing, you can take advantage of the same great training by participating from the comfort of your home or office. By enrolling in SREI’s on-demand course  you can begin learning right away and then jump onto a live webinar session or participate in a live course at your convenience. Students have access to all course formats for 12 months from the date of purchase/registration. Once certified, CSHPs can audit any public Success in Seniors Real Estate course, both online and in-person, for no cost.

Success in Seniors Real Estate VIP options are coming soon!

Several things are different about this course as compared to others. You can expect to laugh a lot, be equipped with business building tools and resources, and engage with others in the class so everyone learns from each other. All SREI trainers are also successful real estate agents with extensive experience working with seniors.

The course includes two primary components: Client Service and Business Development (practical application of the techniques we teach). The manual is over 200 pages of information, tools and resources, scripts, strategies, and practical guidelines for both serving the senior adult client and developing a successful niche in the senior real estate field.

We incorporate techniques proven to accelerate adult learning including case studies, group exercises, individual exercises, video, and visual aids.

Use of CSHP branding is allowable following formal approval from SREI. This includes completion of all steps of the application process. Once approved, new members are notified by email and may begin using the approved badges and logos in their materials.
The exam has two purposes. One is to ensure that you know the material taught in the class, but secondly — and more important — that you have taken steps to develop your specialty. This is why the exam is done in conjunction with the post-course action plan – it’s not an exam for the sake of test-taking — it is about you experiencing success. With that said, it does take effort, but if you attended the entire class and participated in the discussions and exercises, you should achieve the 80% passing grade required to earn your CSHP.
Although we realize that CE is something every agent must take in order to stay current and to renew their license, this course is for those who truly want to specialize in working with seniors. We don’t want to ever confuse the need for CE with the desire to become a specialist in the seniors real estate field, therefore, we are not currently offering CE for the Success in Seniors Real Estate course. In some states, you may be eligible for CE credits by applying directly through your real estate commission or licensing entity following the course. Refer to your state’s guidelines for more information.
We love teams and believe that you will get the most out of this course if your entire team attends.  That said, if you are the team’s designated mature market expert, we look forward to helping you integrate the course material into your team’s systems. If registering as a team (working under one brand within one brokerage), let us know and we will give each team member after the first registration a $50 credit.
Absolutely. We love repeat students and we encourage you to keep attending as often as you choose. In fact, you can attend as many times as you want in the same 12 month period after your initial registration at no additional cost. After earning your CSHP you can attend for free as well as long as you remain an active member in good standing.
Occasionally attendees must miss a portion of the live session to due unforeseen circumstances. If this is the case, you will need to make up the portion you missed by attending a webinar or watching replays via the on-demand ecourse. If missing an exercise or case study, the materials showing completion of these tasks will be required as part of your post-course action plan.

We do not require a minimum number of years experience before attending, however, in order to qualify for the CSHP credentials, real estate agents must be actively selling for at least 1 year or have a minimum of 10 closed transactions.

* If you do not meet the criteria for CSHP and are working together with a mentor, coach, or team member, we will consider your application as a probationary member. Your mentor, coach, or team member must meet all the CSHP production requirements and be active in real estate in your local marketplace. The applicant and mentor must complete the CSHP Mentorship Agreement and any other required documentation requested by SREI before the application will be considered for approval.

Exclusive company sponsored events require a minimum number of paid registrations. Contact our team for details.
We have graduates from both Canada and Australia. They tell us the materials only had a few terms that were strictly “American.” They simply made adjustments for their markets. Because we are not teaching laws, lending, or contracts, there is nothing in the material that would be considered specific to any particular region, state, or county other than a bit of terminology.
When you purchase the license to Downsizing Made Easy (DSME) or Moving Mom and Dad (MMD) you are purchasing the rights to reproduce the guides in printed format and offer them to clients, potential clients, and business to business contacts. Licensees also have the privilege of using the tools associated with these products such as PowerPoint presentations, brochures, workbooks, etc.
Products and licenses offered on the SREI product page are one-time purchases. There are no renewal or subscription fees and purchasers receive lifetime updates and additions to the products (unless noted otherwise).
The DSME and MMD licenses are only for reproducing the materials in PRINTED format. Offering the guides as downloads is strictly prohibited. You may utilize limited information from the guide in order to generate interest and requests. We encourage you to create a “lead capture” tool on your website and offer the printed copy of the book (in person with appointment). Digital download of the guide is NOT included in the license (and actually diminishes its overall value as a lead creation tool).
Licensees may choose to print the guides through a local printer, in-house, or through our affiliated partnerships. We have negotiated special pricing for our licensees on minimum orders of 20 books and rarely are licensees able to find better pricing locally. The guides are printed with hard covers and spiral binding with two customized pages included.  The SREI support team assists in placing your order when you utilize our affiliated vendors.
There are two customizable pages included in the license for DSME and MMD. We recommend one in the front and one at the back to insure your branding is the first and last thing they see as they review the material. The interior pages are copyright protected and licensees are strictly prohibited from modifying the contents.
You will receive information via email on how to access the digital downloads.
When you purchase a product from SREI they may be used by individuals or teams working under the same brand. The definition of team for purposes of using one license is any two or more people who are branded under the same team name and who market themselves as a team, group, or partnership. Team or group branding is not the same as a brokerage brand. If you have specific situations or questions about team or group licenses or usage, please contact our office for details.
Most of the products we provide have some level of customization. Some materials, however, are copyright protected and may not be modified. Please read your product materials closely to ensure you are making modifications to only those items which do not have a copyright attached.

Place the following disclaimer on any webpages or materials you utilize related to DSME or MMD.

“(Your name or team name) is authorized by the Seniors Real Estate Institute to utilize, promote, and distribute the Downsizing Made Easy Guide as a licensee of the Downsizing Made Easy Presentation System. All materials are copyrighted by the Seniors Real Estate Institute and Nikki Buckelew, author.”

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