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This number is projected to increase exponentially over the next decade, so what are you doing to position yourself as the expert in your market and stand out from the crowd?

At SREI we teach you how to


Succeeding in real estate in the coming decade means learning and implementing new and different skills. Many agents simply won’t be equipped when it comes to serving the senior client.

In order to position yourself as the agent of choice for mature homeowners, adult children, and aging service providers, a higher level of expertise along with advanced senior living knowledge is critical.

Our exclusive foundational course titled Success in Seniors Real Estate™ provides you with exactly what you need and much more.

Success in Seniors Real Estate™ courses are


SREI trainings are specifically designed to equip real estate sales professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to better serve their more mature clientele.

SREI courses involve a combination of real estate sales and marketing, business and leadership development, environmental gerontology, and developmental psychology. No other course offers as much depth and diversity as you will find here.

Unlike other training programs which are often taught by novice instructors, SREI trainers have decades of professional experience in real estate sales, senior living issues, and relocation. Most have also served personally as caregivers for aging family members.

Authored by Nikki Buckelew, Ph.D., course materials are considered to be the best in the industry and include a depth of knowledge otherwise available only at a college graduate level.

Engage and collaborate when you join


Join SREI coaches, trainers, and other successful CSHP’s from around the country when you participate in LIVE virtual or in-person trainings, mastermind groups, and accountability sessions.

The option to join live classes are included in all registrations and held throughout the year in convenient locations or live via zoom.

Contact us about upcoming live classes and events currently being scheduled!




Course Faculty: Dr. Nikki Buckelew, PhD, CSHP, CSDC


This course prepares graduates to manage issues associated with residential relocation in older adults, particularly longtime homeowners and those downsizing into smaller or more manageable residences. Current research will be examined. Residential real estate and senior move management best practices will be discussed. Those having successfully completed the required core courses (Parts 1 and 2), Business Blueprint and Certification (Part 3), and comprehensive exam, are eligible to apply for Certification as a Senior Housing Professional designation administered by the Seniors Real Estate Institute. 


Upon completion of this course you will:

  • Understand the changing demographics impacting the real estate industry today and in the future.
  • Recognize the broad range of issues older adults face as they make decisions about their current and future housing needs.
  • Have the knowledge necessary to effectively guide longtime homeowners through the downsizing and relocation process. 
  • Understand the challenges of older adults and their adult children as they relocate into senior living communities. 
  • Understand the most common types of senior living arrangements available in today’s market.
  • Know the four proven platforms for developing a successful senior real estate niche.
  • Have multiple strategies for filling current knowledge gaps and becoming the authority.
  • Be prepared to develop a strong resource team for both client service and business development. 
  • Understand the seven fundamental truths of successful senior housing professionals.
  • Have the tools and resources for developing both a short and long term pipeline of referrals and leads.


  • Nature of late-life moves for individuals and couples
  • Global attitudes and stereotypes surrounding aging in place and relocation
  • Senior living options and Housing for Older Persons Act (HOPA)
  • Relocation-related fears, concerns, and challenges of older adults and caregivers
  • Family relationships and communication
  • Real estate and move management systems and processes
  • Ethical considerations in senior real estate
  • Business building strategies and techniques


Success in Seniors Real Estate: Part 1 – Serving the Mature Client

PT1 SEC1 Orientation and Certification Overview 

PT1 SEC2 Your Purpose and Intentions

PT1 SEC3 People: Getting to Know the Mature Client

PT1 SEC4 Product: Getting to Know Your Inventory

PT1 SEC5 Process: Serving the Mature Client

PT1 SEC6 Professionalism: Doing the Right Thing


Success in Seniors Real Estate: Part 2 – Building a Successful Senior-Centered Business

PT2 SEC1 Differentiation: Define Your Point of Difference

PT2 SEC2 Mastery: Become the Authority

PT2 SEC3 Resources: Expand Your Team

PT2 SEC4 Take Action: Grow Your Business

PT2 SEC5 Personal Platform Development: Sphere of Influence

PT2 SEC6 Professional Platform Development: Business to Business

PT2 SEC7 Senior Living Community Platform Development

PT2 SEC8 Public Platform Development: Become an Influencer

PT2 SEC9 Follow Up: Lead Nurture and Conversion



Each section of the class includes an exam which is delivered through the online student portal. Students must complete each exam with a 100% passing grade to be eligible for the comprehensive exam. The exams are open book. The final comprehensive exam (included in Part 3 only) must be completed with an 80% or higher passing grade to be eligible to apply for certification. 


We understand that creating a senior-centered niche can be complicated or even a little overwhelming at first. That is why we created the Success in Seniors Real Estate Business Blueprint (Part 3). The Business Blueprint is made up of a series of 38 tasks delivered over 23 days. Signature assignments are designed to assist students with implementation of the course content and begin growing a successful senior-centered real estate practice. All signature assignments included in the Business Blueprint must be completed before students are eligible for certification. Grading of signature assignments is based on a qualitative scale. Students are asked to put their best effort into their signature assignments and should the submitted work be deemed as substandard for meeting certification requirements, the student will be contacted for clarification and given an opportunity to revise and resubmit specific assignments. 


Students receive a printed Success in Seniors Real Estate Course Manual by mail following registration. The manual is also available digitally for online learners and can be accessed in the course portal using a student login. 

Required resources:

Success in Seniors Real Estate: PART 1 – Course Manual (printed and online versions provided). 

Buckelew, Nikki (2018) Residential Reasoning in Older Adult Married Dyads: A Phenomenological Study, Dissertation Manuscript. (Available as PDF in course library).

Solie, David (2004) How to Say It to Seniors: Closing the Communication Gap with Our Elders, Prentice Hall Press. (Students must purchase online or check out from the public library).

Recommended reading:

Gawande, Atul (2017) Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End, Picador Press.

Golant, Stephen (2015) Aging in the Right Place, Health Professions Press.


With the faculty-mentored self-study approach at Seniors Real Estate Institute, students are expected to block the necessary time to complete assignments and implement action steps. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time each week to complete the necessary work involved in this course. All students work at their own pace, however, successful graduates of the program have recommended planning a minimum of 8-10 hours per week over 90-180 days (similar to the investment of time necessary to develop your senior niche over time).  


Students are encouraged to participate in live courses (virtual and in-person). Students should contact their enrollment coordinator to reserve a seat for in-person courses or to gain access to classes delivered via web-conference. Once certified as a CSHP, you may attend live trainings at no additional cost (as long membership is current) by registering through an enrollment coordinator. 


As an online student of Seniors Real Estate Institute, you are invited to participate in monthly masterminding sessions included in your registration. You will receive notifications of these sessions by email. Exclusive sessions for specific topics are posted online on the SREI website and in Facebook and LinkedIn groups. Contact your enrollment coordinator if you have questions about attending these sessions.


To schedule a personal phone or video call or with your instructor or assigned mentor, contact your enrollment coordinator with specific content-related questions or concerns. Faculty and mentor guidance is available during regular office hours on weekdays only. Technical questions or website troubleshooting can typically be addressed by your enrollment coordinator, by contacting SREI’s main phone number or by emailing 


Seniors Real Estate Institute courses are not automatically eligible for continuing education credits. Many real estate licensing authorities will award continuing education credits with proof of participation and curriculum details. Students are solely responsible for providing information to their respective entities for purposes of continuing education. 


Certification as a Senior Housing Professional (CSHP) is awarded to those who qualify only after completion of Success in Seniors Real Estate Parts 1, 2 and 3. Final approval requires reference checks, interview process, and proof of minimum production requirements. 


What do the foundational core classes involve?

Not only have we created the most thorough curriculum available related to assisting a more mature clientele with their residential real estate needs and goals, we have also provided a proven series of purposeful action steps to assist agents grow a successful senior real estate niche. These action steps are included in Part 3 and are called Business Blueprint Signature Assignments. Each of the classes in Parts 1 and 2 includes video training segments, written materials, and an open book exam. 


What’s included in the comprehensive exam? 

Each class concludes with a short open book exam covering class concepts. The final comprehensive exam (150 questions) includes important concepts from all course materials. The goal of course examinations is to verify that students have a full understanding and comprehension of the course concepts. 

Why are references required? 

To become a CSHP it isn’t enough to simply be a competent professional. You must also have impeccable character and truly care about people. Applicants must provide a minimum of six references including 3 personal and 3 professional. References are randomly called or emailed by SREI staff for verification. Instructions for obtaining references are included in the Part 3 course materials.

What are the minimum production requirements for certification?

To become fully certified agents must have completed a minimum of 10 transactions in which they were directly involved. These transactions need not involve senior adult clients. Those with fewer than the required number of closed sales must name a mentor who meets the production standard and who has been an active real estate associate or broker for 3 years or more. 

What is involved in the peer interview process?

Beginning in 2020, all applicants must participate in a formal interview with the CSHP professional standards committee. Interviews are conducted via web-conference. Applicants may be asked about hypothetical case studies involving ethics or other questions concerning serving the senior client. The committee also researches any past ethics violations and seeks to better understand the nature of such violations. Some violations may prohibit certification. 

Renewal requirements

Annual membership as a Certified Senior Housing Professional is $129.00. Membership renewal is one year from the date of initial certification and then every year on that date going forward. To be eligible for renewal, members must verify completion of specific continuing education credits outlined elsewhere. These credits are unrelated to state licensure requirements. 

What is the CSHP badge? 

The image below is used by Certified Senior Housing Professionals to assist them in identifying others similarly qualified in various geographic areas. The badge is instrumental in illustrating your professionalism to consumers and vendor partners seeking a higher level of expertise. 

Upcoming Live Course options

New course locations are added as they are confirmed so be sure to check back regularly. Click on the class for the city where you would like to attend and you will be given the option to purchase the 3-part bundle including Parts 1, 2 and 3.

Self-paced learning options

Choose the option that best matches your goal. If your goal is simply to better serve the mature clients you naturally encounter, then Part 1 is your class. If you want to learn to attract more mature homeowners to your business and create a niche serving seniors, then you will definitely want to enroll in Parts 1 and 2. Naturally, for those who have a goal to specialize at the highest level and are prepared to take intentional and purposeful action to become the go-to professional for downsizing seniors and mature homeowners, it just makes sense to buy the bundle! No matter which class you choose, we are here to support you in better serving seniors! 



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Enroll in Parts 1, 2 & 3 and get a jumpstart on completing the Business Blueprint and certification process.

Part I: Serving the Senior Client

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Register for Part I and improve your service to seniors and their families.

Part II: Building a Senior Business

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Continue your path by learning how to build a senior-centered business.

Part III: Business Blueprint and Certification Track


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Take action and become the authority in your market.