Success in Seniors Real Estate™

Part II

Building a Senior-Centered Business

Success in Seniors Real Estate Part II is designed exclusively for agents who are serious about growing a niche serving the mature market. You will learn dozens of strategies and proven methods for attracting long-time homeowners, downsizing seniors, rightsizing boomers, and family estates.

You will collaborate, engage, and interact with the instructor and attendees as you explore which options fit with your business and personal style. Upon completion of the class, you will have the tools necessary to create or expand your senior-centered real estate practice.

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Success in Seniors Real Estate™ Part 2

Course Overview

  • Understand the necessary fundamentals for achieving success in the senior real estate and housing market.
  • Explore the multiple segments within the senior market and identify which of them best suit your business model, personality, and goals.
  • Choose from dozens of strategies within three lead generation platforms: personal, professional, public.
  • Develop and implement a powerful value proposition positioning you as the authority in your market.  
  • Learn to establish mutually beneficial referral partnerships with local senior living community operators and marketing teams.
  • Gain insight into how to effectively network within the aging services industry to create multiple referral streams. 
  • Take action toward creating both short- and long-term lead pipelines.
  • Learn how to effectively leverage the Downsizing Made Easy Method™ to increase conversion rates and shorten the sales cycle.
Success in Seniors Real Estate™ Part 2


  • Complete course manual packed with proven scripts, worksheets, lead generation strategies, and business resources.
  • Hands-on interactive case studies and experiential exercises designed for adult learners of all types (live classes only).
  • Downloadable and customizable business-building resources. 
  • Guide for collaborating with independent and assisted living senior communities.
  • Proven digital and print advertising strategies and examples. 
  • Current academic research, white papers, and articles geared toward serving the senior client.

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