Certified Senior Downsizing Coach Skills Training

Coach Your Way to Success in the Senior Market

Create a longterm sales pipeline by helping clients navigate the downsizing process

Whether you are assisting recent retirees with decisions about renting versus buying or supporting older adults making end of life housing choices, having strong coaching skills is key.

SREI’s Coach Skills Training Program provides Certified Senior Housing Professionals with the unique set of skills needed to help clients navigate challenging late-in-life moves, identify the best path for moving forward, take control of their choices, and adjust to their new normal.

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As a Certified Senior Downsizing Coach,

You’ll Help Your Clients:

  • Learn to adapt and cope with challenging residential decisions
  • Tap into their inner strength so they can move forward with confidence
  • Communicate effectively with family members, friends, and trusted advisors
  • Connect with resources and supportive networks
  • Define goals and develop a plan for making them a reality
  • Understand the multiple steps associated with the downsizing process
  • Recognize that life has meaning and purpose wherever they may live


  • Six 90-min group training sessions
  • Six 30-min scheduled private coaching sessions
  • Weekly action items designed to integrate skills and practice techniques
  • Two live interactive mock downsizing consultations
  • SREI’s Exclusive Senior Downsizing Coach Skills Guide
  • Required textbooks and articles as assigned by course facilitators
  • Access to and usage of coaching resources and templates
  • Ability to earn a 3-year certification as a Senior Downsizing Coach*

*Must meet or exceed minimum standards as set forth by SREI coaching team.

2019 SESSION I:  January – June

1st Mondays each month (1:30 – 3pm Central time zone)

* Individual coaching sessions and mock consults are scheduled following enrollment.

2019 SESSION II: July – October

July 8, 29; Aug. 19; Sept. 9, 30; Oct. 21 (11am – 12:30pm Central time zone)


* Individual coaching sessions and mock consults are scheduled following enrollment.

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