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Only submit CSHP application and required documentation after having completed Parts 1 & 2 of Success in Seniors Real Estate courses and completion of all required tasks from the Business Blueprint.
Documents may be submitted in one or more files (up to 3 files).

All files MUST include your name in the file name. Example: Joe_Smith_CSHPapplication.pdf or Joe_Smith_CSHP_Blueprint.pdf

  • Completed SREI Business Blueprint (pre-2020 students only)
  • References (3 professional and 3 personal)
  • If production requirements are not met, include mentorship agreement with application document
Please allow 7-10 days for response.


Please be prepared to submit a $35 application fee and applicable documents.
  • CSHP Application – complete and save as PDF for submission
  • Mentorship agreement (if applicable)
  • Reference letters (combine into a single file)
  • Completed Business Blueprint
    • Printed and uploaded, or
    • Completed using the online portal for Success in Seniors Real Estate Part III
  • Course exam (Part III) – Must achieve a score of 80% or higher to for certification

Step 1: Login using your SREI login and password

Step 2: Click ‘submit application’ and pay application fee – once paid you will be redirected to new page

Step 3: Upload and submit all required documentation

Step 4: Watch your email for verification of receipt of application and instructions for scheduling interview

Step 5: Participate in peer interview with SREI’s membership council

NOTE: Documents may be submitted as multiple files. All files MUST be named according to the following example: Joe_Smith_CSHPapplication.pdf or Joe_Smith_CSHP_Blueprint.pdf

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Am I required to enter responses to the Business Blueprint online? 

Answer: You may choose to submit a PDF document with required responses. If doing so, please include the Task Number and task for which you are responding.  

Question: What if I do not earn an 80% or higher on the exam? 

Answer: You will be given 2 opportunities to take the exam. After two failed attempts, you will be required to re-enroll in Parts 1 & 2 of the course before taking the exam again. 

Question: What can I expect regarding the CSHP Council interview? 

Answer: The peer review interview is designed to ensure all CSHP candidates fully understand the material taught in the foundational courses and that they have an opportunity to discuss any questions concerning the Part 3 / Business Blueprint tasks. The interview is 30-45 minutes long and completed via virtual meeting platform. There is no need to be nervous – by this point in the process you are likely more than equipped! 

Question: Is there a shortcut or fast-track method of getting certified if I have other designations or prior education serving the mature market? 

Answer: All those seeking certification are required to complete Success in Seniors Real Estate courses, including the Business Blueprint (part 3), as well as the exam and Business Blueprint. At SREI we hold designees to a much higher standard than other organizations and so there are no short-cuts to certification. Those with prior education or knowledge will likely be able to complete the requirements faster due to experience, resources, and prior knowledge.