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How Do I Grow Seminar Attendance?

In this video we answer the question about
why seminar attendance may have become stagnant or decreasing.    

Three Ways to Boost Senior Seminar Attendance

Are you tirelessly hosting senior seminars, pouring your energy into marketing, yet puzzled by the stagnant attendance? You’re not alone. Let’s delve into the top three reasons your seminar attendance might not be flourishing and explore how to turn the tide.

1. Venue Matters

Consider the venue where you’re hosting your events. Is it easily accessible for your target audience? More importantly, is it neutral ground? Events held in places affiliated with businesses or organizations, like senior centers, religious buildings, or real estate offices, might face resistance. 

Opt for neutral locations such as schools, libraries, country clubs, or public spaces. This can make a significant difference in attracting attendees.

2. Shed the REALTOR® Persona

Here’s a blunt truth: your seminars aren’t about real estate, and they’re certainly not about you being a Realtor. Strip away the Realtor-centric elements from your marketing. No logos, no Realtor designations. Focus on crafting a robust educational program that stands on its own merit.

Invite people to learn, and when they attend, provide them with an enriching educational experience. Remember, the value you bring is in the knowledge you share, not your Realtor identity.

3. Craft a Compelling Marketing Message

Your marketing message is the bridge between potential attendees and your seminar. It needs to be compelling, answering the crucial question: Why should someone attend your event? While AI can assist in structuring your marketing, be cautious and ensure the authenticity of your message. Nothing beats the human touch when it comes to aligning your promises with the actual content of your seminar.

Success in increasing seminar attendance lies in the strategic selection of venues, shedding realtor-centric marketing, and crafting an irresistibly compelling message. Consistency in delivering what you promise ensures a growing and engaged audience.

Take a look at your overall program and consider making these changes if needed. If you do these things and your seminars still aren’t growing, despite continued marketing efforts, it may be time to take a look at the marketing messages themselves. More on this topic in future posts. 


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