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Lessons from the Deep Blue Sea: Scuba and Senior Real Estate

Chris and I recently returned from an invigorating vacation in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, where we indulged in our shared passion for scuba diving. Over the course of our 10-day trip, we embarked on five memorable dives, each offering its own unique insights and experiences.

Diving is nothing new to us, but I must admit, Chris has significantly more dives under his belt than I do. While I’ve probably only completed about 25-30 dives in total, Chris boasts several hundred spanning three decades. We were both eager to explore the depths of the tranquil turquoise waters that we often admire from above. My objective was simple: to relax and relish the serenity and beauty of being submerged. Chris’s goal was to try out his new camera housing and get a few pics to share with those back home.

Despite my attempts to turn off my business brain, I couldn’t help but to start drawing parallels between this particular diving experience and the journey of launching a new business venture like a mature market niche or spearheading a community focused seminar series.

Photo by Chris Buckelew, 2024

Gearing up for success

Ensuring the right gear is of course crucial for a safe and enjoyable dive. Successfully navigating underwater realms hinges on the proper functioning of equipment like regulators, tanks, and dive computers. While gear is equally important in the realm of business, the consequences of a malfunction aren’t as dire.

Just as we meticulously checked our gear and created a dive plan to ensure a successful underwater experience, it’s imperative that we each equip ourselves adequately for serving the mature market. 

I’m wondering…

Have you finalized your SREI Business Blueprint, assembled a reliable senior support team, and aligned your value proposition with your target audience? Are you reading, studying, and getting to know the people you seek to serve? 

Expert guides made all the difference

This marked our first diving expedition in St. Croix, and we were fortunate to have two different local dive masters and a seasoned boat captain accompany us. Their expertise proved invaluable as they led us to the best dive spots and navigated the underwater terrain with ease. Of course, they also knew the best places to eat and other places to visit. 

While we could have ventured out on our own, it was totally worth the extra money to have people alongside us who knew their stuff. 

Much like our diving experience, having a knowledgeable coach to guide you in navigating the mature market can be well worth the investment. A seasoned, experienced, and proven coach can provide invaluable insights and support, particularly when you are feeling like a fish out of water (I couldn’t resist). 

Who are you following – who is your guide? Do you have a coach? Does your real estate coach understand the senior demographic? Has your coach completed hundreds (or thousands) of transactions involving longtime home sellers over several different types of markets? 

Photo by Chris Buckelew, 2024

Plenty of fish (and clients) in the sea

As the saying goes, there are plenty of fish in the sea, but until you’ve experienced diving firsthand, it’s hard to truly grasp the magnitude of that statement. I found myself overwhelmed by the sheer abundance of marine life during our dives in St. Croix. From vibrant coral reefs to graceful turtles, majestic rays, and elusive lobsters, there was an endless array of wonders to behold.

This abundance mirrors the opportunities in the mature real estate market. Despite concerns people tend to have about competition, the truth is there’s more than enough business to go around. Just like the diverse marine wildlife, each potential client is unique, with their own needs and preferences. It’s like a bustling marine neighborhood, where every species occupies its own space in the ecosystem.

I couldn’t help but chuckle as I gazed at a massive coral head, marveling at the diversity of life within it. No two dive sites were alike, and no two coral heads bore the same markings or color. It’s a testament to the incredible diversity of our world, both underwater and in the realm of real estate. 

What a vibrant and diverse world we live in!


Photo by Chris Buckelew, 2024

Differences in perspective

Differences in perspective were abundantly clear during our diving excursion, where each member of our group had their own unique experience. Despite sharing the same dive site, no two divers encountered the underwater world in quite the same way.

As we swam amidst the vibrant marine life, we attempted to draw each other’s attention to our discoveries – whether it was a colorful fish, a majestic turtle, or a fascinating eel. However, there were countless moments that we could only recount to one another afterward. While Chris was capturing photos of a lionfish, I found myself captivated by a green moray eel several yards away.

Our individual pursuits led to divergent experiences, each rich in its own right.

Upon comparing notes later, it became evident that our perceptions of the dive varied widely. Some hailed it as the “best dive yet,” while others found it merely average. From equipment challenges to moments of sheer wonder, our experiences were as diverse as the underwater ecosystem itself.

In essence, our dives are just like trying to compare our real estate businesses or seminar series with each other. No two adventures, business or otherwise, are alike. Just as each dive offered a unique exploration of the underwater world, so too do our professional endeavors present distinct challenges, opportunities, and experiences. It’s a testament to the richness of life’s tapestry, where diversity fuels innovation and fosters growth. 

Photo by Chris Buckelew, 2024

Enjoying the adventure 

Life is just too short to be taking it quite so seriously. In fact, if we’re honest, it’s more of a grand adventure than the meticulously planned journey so many of us spend countless hours orchestrating.

Some people I talk to are so busy applying sunscreen that they never even make it to the beach. 

For me personally, the rat race of competition and constant striving has lost its allure. It feels much like having too much weight in my weight belt, weighing me down such that the adventure becomes physically exhausting. Instead, I’m finding myself drawn to the endless possibilities that life offers – the places to explore, the people to meet, and the experiences waiting to be embraced. And yes, it is important to apply a little sunscreen from time to time.

When you REALLY think about it, the world is so much bigger than our little brokerage, your big brokerages, our cities, towns, social media followings, and especially the real estate industry.  

Photo by Chris Buckelew, 2024

Taking a giant stride

So, why not gear up for a bigger adventure? Maybe a life adventure (as opposed to simply a real estate excursion). Let’s unpack our fins, snorkels, and masks, and take a giant stride into discovering the best versions of ourselves possible. 

And who knows, along the way, we might just inspire others to do the same.

Now, wouldn’t that be something?

Photo by Chris Buckelew, 2024