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What Attendees Say about SREI’s Legacy Conference

In this video we will share what some of our attendees of this year’s conference had to say.   

Each year following the Legacy Conference, people ask us, “How was your conference?” Well, since we surveyed our attendees, we thought you might like to see what they said, especially since that’s what really matters!

What would you say are the biggest benefits you received from attending the Legacy Conference?

Attendees Said

  • Connecting with agents. Learning what is up and coming in the industry. 
  • Practical tips on our business. 
  • I loved the networking and idea exchange.
  • It was beneficial for me to really see firsthand the protocols that other agents have when dealing with their mature clients. 
  • It put the pieces of a puzzle together for me.
  • Meeting other new CSHPs. We all kind of stuck together. We are now friends!
  • Provided a glimpse of real life experiences, inspiration and encouragement.
  • Meeting all the faces I know from zoom and FB. Hearing Nikki speak live.
  • Enjoyed the consumer panels and agent panels – they provided very valuable information that were immediate takeaways.
  • Making contacts and connecting with new individuals.
  • More knowledge to serve seniors. 
  • Lots of “sound bites” that need to be incorporated into our advertising and presentations.
  • Connection to like-minded people, business strategies and best practices.
  • Increase in confidence and motivation.
  • Personal and professional motivation and inspiration.
  • Being able to spend time with others who are focusing on the “people” part of real estate. 
  • Being with like minded people is very energizing. 
  • Getting to meet other people who are doing the same thing I would like to do. 
  • The Legacy Conference year after year prepares me for the following year’s business. 
  • Education and networking – the opportunity to learn from my peers.
  • It is nice to know we are all in this together.
  • Fresh ideas and perspectives. New research information.
  • Networking with other like minded professionals!
  • Learning how others are handling seminars was valuable to me. 
  • Listening to what was important to those who have downsized was huge.
  • Mindset – it doesn’t have to look the way I think it needs to look. 
  • I’m not too old to expand this segment of my business.
  • Knowing that I have a tribe to lean on.
  • Ideas on the execution & confidence to make it happen!
  • There really are tools and steps for all levels.
  • Community and relationship. Stages not ages!!!

We Asked

How would you compare the Legacy Conference with other conferences you have attended? 

Attendees Said

  • his one actually helps my business. 
  • I’ve eliminated all other real estate conferences from my annual calendar and this one I won’t miss.
  • There’s no comparison. This isn’t just about how to sell more houses, but how to do it well by helping the people get through the process.
  • I appreciated that it felt more genuine and not scripted.
  • This was jam packed and never felt like a waste of time or money.
  • The Legacy Conference emphasized a different approach – one that centers around the principle of winning by genuinely helping others. 
  • I like the intimacy of the size and the fact that it’s not just one brokerage pushing its greatness. 
  • It was real!! Proven, not speculation. 
  • This was much smaller and more intimate. Not as flashy.  
  • Loved to be able to talk to people. Everyone was so friendly! 
  • Right up there with Buffini and Keller Williams!
  • This conference provided solid information that can and will be put to work.
  • I really like the welcoming atmosphere you and your team provide.   
  • This was all business and a jam-packed schedule.
  • I appreciate the details and hand holding.
  • The personality of WE ARE DIFFERENT.  Not just about the money.
  • The fact that this one is centered on seniors is what drives me to attend this one. 
  • There were nitty gritty takeaways and not just big ideas that are hard to implement. 
  • This conference is NOT a Snoozer! 
  • Strong sense of community within SREI.
  • It is a smaller event where you get great interaction with a wide variety of people.
  • Small intimate sessions and vibe. Super relevant and focused.
  • I especially appreciated not spending time on the doom and gloom of the market. We were there to learn how to affect our market.
  • One of the best conferences that I have been to. I actually feel like I have actionable steps to implement from the conference. I left feeling excited.
  • I like that it’s small with lots of discussion time.
  • I love that it is more comfortable and less chaotic. One room, great timing and flow, allows me to focus on what matters.
  • Better than any other I have been to as a real estate agent.
  • I most appreciated that the content was VALUABLE. While I had a great time, it was more than a big social event. I came away having learned so much!

The feedback from our Legacy Conference attendees speaks volumes about the impact of this event, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the positive responses we’ve received. Year after year, our conference continues to exceed expectations and deliver tangible benefits that set it apart from other gatherings in the industry. 

The connections made, the practical knowledge shared, and the genuine sense of community created are invaluable. It’s not just about selling more houses; it’s about doing it well by genuinely helping others. We take pride in our smaller, more intimate setting, where attendees can interact, learn, and leave with actionable steps to implement. 

The Legacy Conference is a testament to our commitment to making a real difference in the real estate world, emphasizing the principle of winning through genuine assistance and forging lasting connections. We look forward to continuing this tradition and welcoming more like-minded professionals to our SREI family as we grow together. 

Thank you to all who joined us, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds as we continue to thrive and evolve together.

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