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Unleash Your Inner Expert: Present with confidence

In this video, we will talk about the three presentation styles and when it makes sense for you to be the presenter.   

This video and blog are dedicated to those who may continue to harbor reservations about presenting certain topics in front of an audience. Perhaps you’ve even found yourself in a social group posting a request akin to the following:

“I have an upcoming seminar topic titled ______. Who should I get as a presenter or panelist?”


“Who would make the best panelists for this particular topic?”

Frankly, a cardinal mistake many people make lies in doubting their expertise when standing before a curious and eager audience. If you are a CSHP who has diligently traversed the course, undertaken the necessary work, and completed the Business Blueprint, rest assured, you know FAR MORE than you might believe, especially when it concerns aging-related matters, particularly downsizing and relocation.

There are at least three distinctive pathways to deliver exceptional education and we encourage you to consider your role as the presenter or the reporter as you contemplate your role in front of your local audiences. 


You are well-acquainted with the subject matter and have the knowledge and experience necessary to present this information as the authority with no other outside sources or contributions necessary.


You assimilate information from various expert sources, be it books, articles, interviews, and deliver it as a knowledgeable narrator. The key here is to acknowledge your sources, giving credit where it’s due. Research thoroughly, prepare meticulously, and present with confidence.

Moderator or Interviewer

You serve as the conductor who assembles experts and orchestrates their collective wisdom, either through panel events or one-on-one interviews – similar to the talk-show style format.


If you are a CSHP, we challenge you in instances where firsthand expertise may be lacking, to embrace the role of reporter. Countless individuals employ this method daily to convey invaluable information. Just remember to attribute your sources accordingly, and be rigorous in your research and preparation. You know MORE than you think or give yourself credit for knowing! 

The fact is, under no circumstances should you dilute the potency of a topic by introducing panelists who might not articulate it as adroitly as you can. Confidence in your knowledge and presentation style is paramount, as you are indeed the expert in your arena.

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