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Who Will Serve Our Older Adults?

There has been discussion for a while now about the impending shortage of healthcare workers across the country (and Globally) at a time when our population will be at the peak of need. Unfortunately, this isn’t only true in the healthcare industry — it’s also true in many of the professional services industries and real estate is no exception.


While qualified, competent, and caring healthcare workers are highly necessary in order to serve the needs of aging adults who have illnesses, chronic diseases, or who need rehabilitation, they are not the only ones who are called upon to serve our frail elderly. Anyone who has lived into their later years or cared for an aging loved one knows that healthcare needs are but one piece of a much larger puzzle when it comes to quality of life in ones later years.


If you are still currently considered to be in middle-age (35-54), consider all of the people that are involved in your life now. This doesn’t change — but your circumstances might and your needs likely will. Your professional needs along with healthcare needs will not only increase, they will likely expand exponentially.

I’m genuinely concerned and not sure of the solution…yet.

I recently attended the commencement ceremony of my cousin who graduated with a degree in English from the University of Oklahoma. As I watched the long parade (very long) of young people crossing the stage to accept their diplomas, it occurred to me that after 4 or 5 years of education, just how few of them were equipped to work with our older population. But even more importantly, how many were even interested in doing so?

Who will step up to the plate and serve our seniors?

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