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Overcoming the Senior Community Brush-off

In this video we discuss some of the challenges that
may keep you from being able to connect with senior communities.

When you think about the best people to know when it comes to helping more downsizing clients, it’s the marketing and sales people at senior living communities. In fact, it is one of the most natural and obvious partnerships out there! They have people moving into their community who need a simplified process for moving and a competent caring real estate pro to sell their home. 

So, why is it so hard to collaborate? 

We hear from a number of agents that they have been unsuccessful at getting senior living community reps to call them back. Either they never get through, or when they do, setting up a tour is nearly impossible. 

Let’s unpack a few reasons why this might be:


There is a lot of turnover in the industry. This has always been true, but it’s only gotten worse since the pandemic. As a result, your call or email may land on the desk of someone on their way out or, conversely, someone knee deep in required training and orientation. 


Senior community sales and marketing reps – especially those working for big corporate brands –  are being tasked with so many things they can barely keep their heads above water. Not only are they required to follow up on every lead (online or otherwise), they have mandatory conference calls and webinars, as well as double duty when having to cover for other staff members when they are out for vacation or simply short staffed. 

Real estate agent stigma

Chances are you aren’t the only real estate agent or sales person calling on them. If they’ve had negative experiences with other agents, they will likely be reluctant to want to talk to you.

How to overcome these challenges?

#1: Don’t be a pest. If they tell you they have an open house planned for the public, attend it instead of trying to get a personal tour. This is a great opportunity to meet them and show them you are a real person and that you don’t have your hand out asking for referrals. 

#2: Have something of value to offer. Do something or share something with them that will make their life or the lives of their prospective residents easier or better. You MUST show you are different from other agents!

#3: Mail versus email. Make it personal. Make it relevant. No one likes to be put on drip campaigns, especially when it’s not relevant.

Naturally, if you are enrolled in Part 2 of Success in Seniors Real Estate (or have graduated), you have access to SREI’s very specific step-by-step model for creating mutually beneficial relationships with communities. Follow the plan and trust the process. That is how they will know you are different! 

Are You Ready to learn?

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