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Mary Eikenberry Receives the 2023 Legacy Leader Award

Mary Eikenberry, Legacy Leader 2023

Mary Eikenberry Receives the 2023 Legacy Leader Award

The Senior Real Estate Institute’s Annual Legacy Conference isn’t just an ordinary conference. This three-day event brings together agents specializing in the mature market to collaborate and innovate on best practices for serving downsizers, longtime homeowners, and families assisting mature adult family members. Amidst this dynamic gathering of industry leaders, one individual stood out for her remarkable dedication and contributions – Mary Eikenberry of Urbandale, Iowa, who was presented with the prestigious 2023 Legacy Leader Award. This award recognizes her unwavering commitment to the mature market and her tireless efforts in the field of residential real estate sales and relocation issues.

The Legacy Leader Award is a unique recognition in the real estate industry. Unlike most real estate awards that focus on production statistics and sales volume alone, this award spotlights individuals who exemplify personal commitment, dedication, and competence in serving the mature homeowner and addressing their unique real estate needs and goals. Mary’s journey to receiving this award has been a testament to her passion and hard work in making a real difference in the lives of seniors in the Urbandale area.

Mary’s journey to this well-deserved award was paved with years of dedication and active involvement in various initiatives in her local marketplace and within the Senior Real Estate Institute (SREI) and Certified Senior Housing Professionals (CSHP) communities. Let’s take a closer look at some of the initiatives that showcased her unwavering commitment:

Local Initiatives:

1. Straight Talk Senior Living Series: Mary founded and leads the “Straight Talk Senior Living Series” – a valuable local resource for seniors and their families seeking information about a variety of issues important to older adults and their families. The monthly events have become more than just education, they offer participants a comfortable and safe place to get answers to questions and to become empowered as they make complex life changes.

2. Downsizers Club: Mary’s leadership of the Downsizers Club allows seniors to find timely and trustworthy support and resources as they embark on the downsizing journey, making the process smoother and less daunting for them.

3. Central Iowa Senior Education Network: As an active member of the Central Iowa Senior Education Network, Mary connected with various senior-focused organizations and contributed to improving access to educational resources for seniors in her community.

4. Des Moines Aging Consortium: Her involvement with the Des Moines Aging Consortium illustrates Mary’s commitment to promoting cooperation and providing a united voice for older adults in her local area.

5. Seniors on the Move: Mary serves as an affiliate and sponsor of locally organized “Seniors on the Move” program, offering practical assistance for seniors looking to relocate or transition into new living arrangements.

6. Senior Community Tours: She organized senior community tours to help those considering maintenance-free living options explore various types of retirement communities, empowering participants to make informed choices about their future.

Seniors Real Estate Institute (SREI) Involvement:

Mary’s dedication extended beyond her local community. She played a pivotal role in the Senior Real Estate Institute, demonstrating her commitment to ongoing education and professional development in the field of senior-centered real estate:

1. SREI Faculty Member: As the newest SREI Faculty Member, Mary contributes to the education and training of fellow real estate professionals, ensuring that they are well-equipped to serve mature clientele effectively.

2. SREI Legacy Conferences: Her involvement in annual SREI Legacy Conferences demonstrates her dedication to bringing together industry leaders and experts to share insights, knowledge, and best practices. Mary has served as an expert panelist for many topics over the last 9 years.

3. Monthly Professional Development: Mary actively participates in SREI’s monthly professional development opportunities, making it a priority and demonstrating her commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry.

4. Certified Senior Downsizing Coach: She completed the Downsizing Coach Skills Training and earned her certification as an SREI Certified Senior Downsizing Coach.

Mary Eikenberry’s journey, marked by her tireless efforts and dedication to the senior-centered real estate market, truly embodies the spirit of a Legacy Leader. Her personal commitment and competence have made a meaningful impact on the lives of seniors and their families in the Urbandale community and beyond.

We congratulate Mary Eikenberry for receiving the 2023 Legacy Leader Award, a well-deserved recognition of her exceptional contributions to the field. Her dedication to serving others has set a high standard for all those working in senior-centered real estate, and we look forward to her continued impact in the years to come.

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Legacy Leader nominees are selected by their peers and have demonstrated excellence in the field of senior-centered real estate through their personal and professional involvement in their local marketplace and the SREI and CSHP communities.