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Three benefits of hosting seminars for your senior real estate niche.

One of our previous videos sparked another question: “How can seminars help me grow my senior-centered real estate niche?” So today I’m answering that question by sharing three great ways you’ll expand your business by holding seminars.

1. Seminars inherently help you connect. By doing seminars, you’re saying that you’re going to go out and deliver educational information. That means you have to learn and make connections with the people you’re teach as well as those you’re reach out to for research. For example, if you decide to do a panel about how to pay for senior living, you’ll interview financial planners, trust officers, Medicaid and Medicare experts, people who know about veteran’s aid, and the like. By having to do that research, you’ve opened up many opportunities to connect with people who could directly or indirectly affect your business over time.

It’s all about building rapport over time.

2. You’re the expert. As a presenter, you become the authority on the subject matter being delivered (in this case, senior real estate). As you’re presenting, both the professionals and attendees in the room begin to see you as credible and the authority on that subject. So when they’re thinking about a senior who needs to move, they’ll think of you. That’s powerful and the key to growing your long-term business.

3. Building rapport. As you build rapport with the audience, when they think about their future real estate needs, they’ll likely reach out to you. It’s all about building rapport over time. The sales cycle is much longer for people who have lived in their homes for a couple of decades or more. As a result, decisions are made slower, so they need a little more time. By attending your seminars, they have the time they need, you’re educating them, and when they’re ready, it makes natural sense for them to reach out to you to help with their move. 

There are quite a few other ways seminars will benefit you and your business, but these are the top three. If you have questions about this or any other real estate matter, call or email us. We would love to help you.

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