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Why Does Lead Generation Suck? Part One

We are often asked by our coaching clients, “Will you hold me accountable to doing lead generation?” 

Our answer to that question is more complex than a “yes” or “no” response because it really depends. 


It really doesn’t matter how much they pay us or how frequently our coaching calls occur; we have seen time and time again the idea of accountability to lead generation fail in coaching. If other coaching companies tell you otherwise, I would be skeptical. 


Here’s why: 

Taking action toward generating business is a natural by-product of passion for achieving an expected outcome. Think about it — when you decide to do something and get excited about it, taking action comes naturally. 

So why does lead generation seem forced, contrived, and out of alignment with your goals? 


Here are some things to consider if you think you “need” accountability to go out and get more sales.

1. You are using tools or techniques that go against your internal value system. 
2. The strategies you are attempting do not align with your natural zone of genius. 
3. Your previous similar lead generation efforts have produced either unsatisfactory or unintended results. 

So why would anyone consider trying to build a business using strategies that are out of alignment with who they really are? Frankly, it’s usually either a matter of modeling others, being coached to follow a “tried and true” method, or lack of alternative options.

There are as many ways to generate business opportunities as there are people! 

If I hear the phrase, “Follow the model” one more time, I may heave my breakfast right onto the laptop keyboard.


Seriously, people! What makes one model the ONLY model to follow to build a real estate business? 


Even Gary Keller, the author of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent, admits that once the foundational pieces of a business model are in place, creativity is necessary in order to refine and perfect the intended results one is seeking.

Why creativity?


We are creative beings. It is our natural tendency to follow the path of least resistance and to move toward things that bring us the most joy and the best results. Sadly, too many people fear this phase of trial and error and are looking for the magic pill that solves all their lead generation needs, so they go with whatever latest and greatest “system, secret, or strategy” comes across their email, spending thousands in the process. 

People used to laugh at Chris and I because we tried so many different things. That was until, however, we realized that THIS was in fact the “magic pill.” Trial and error is a GOOD thing. It is how we learn, grow, create, and ultimately find our own unique and perfectly aligned model.

Certainly it’s OK to model others and try the systems that are presented as successful, but observe your own unique twist along the way and enjoy the process of FAILING!

Yes, failing. 

In Part Two of this blog series, I’ll cover why failing at lead generation is so critical to your success.

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