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What Certified Senior Housing Professionals Should Know About the Brookdale and Emeritus Merger

The recent news that Brookdale SeniorLiving and Emeritus Corporation are merging is a pretty big deal and important for you to be
aware of.

If you are a
Certified Senior Housing Professional or interested in building your seniors niche, it’s very
likely that you already are (or will be) working with these
communities in the future.

At the very least, as an expert in seniors real estate and housing, you will want to make note about things affecting the industry.





If you currently have a relationship
with and/or are working with folks from a Brookdale or Emeritus
community, put in a call, email, or personal note to them, to let them know that
you’re aware of the merger. It’s a good reason to
touch base.


These representatives probably
haven’t much time to consider the benefits to them or their community, so the key is to just let them know
that you are there to help and support them.

Along that same vein, a merger
like this is likely to result in upward mobility for some and not for others. There will likely be new communities opening and some
communities going through changes. New jobs will come to the forefront and current staff members may choose to move on. 


Since there will be change, make
sure that you are developing and strengthening relationships with
more than one person at these communities. Sales managers, community
relations directors, and executive directors are among those you
should know at each community.

If you’ve already developed future
plans for events at these communities, be aware that the merger may
affect those events.  By the same token, don’t be afraid to pitch new ideas. Those
same changes in people, systems, and policies may mean an increased
emphasis on opportunities you should be involved with.


Keeping abreast of local news about these types of things is easily done by establishing a Google Keyword Alerts account. Set up a daily search for articles with key words (insert
your own community and state), plus Brookdale, Emeritus, (insert the
names of your local, senior communities).

If you blog (and you should be) be
sure to write a post about this merger if Brookdale or Emeritus have
locations near you.  This is information and news that senior and boomer consumers
and their family caregivers need to know about and that you want to
share. It will continue to strengthen your position as a senior
housing and real estate professional in your market.

Here’s one article on the Brookdale/Emeritus merger – click to  view

Or get your info directly from Brookdale — click to view

The deal is expected to
close in the third quarter of 2014.

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