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Becoming the Expert

 Why Should Agents Know About Hospice?

 In this video we will share why it’s important for real estate agents who specialize in the mature market to know more about hospice services. 

You probably meet with prospective clients as they contemplate whether to stay where they are, or to move into a residential care environment. In doing so, you have likely met some people who are committed to remaining at home through the end – at all costs. 

In other words, they absolutely do not want to move to a nursing community or go to the hospital should they or their spouse become ill. 

Naturally, we always want people to make informed decisions and under the circumstances, this choice is an important one! It’s also one that you, as an agent specializing in the mature market, can help people make by equipping them with powerful tools and resources. 

Choosing to Age in Place

What most people haven’t yet considered, when making the decision to remain “in place” through the end, is how exactly that choice might play out. They may know (or think they know) what they want, but do they really know how to make that wish into a reality? 

By sharing with people the key things they need to know as they prepare to remain in their home, you become their ally and a member of their trusted team of professional resources. 

Hospice Services

Three key resources you will want to encourage people to have in place include a strong support network, their estate planning documents, and hospice services (for if or when they may need them). 

In order to speak about these services with a level of confidence necessary, you as an agent, need to fully understand what hospice provides and what they don’t. Take time to meet with one or more hospice providers in your market to explore the hospice benefit (100% reimbursed by Medicare) and the services that are included. 

You may want to include hospice providers in your educational programming, attend a support group offered by a local hospice agency, or simply call a hospice representative you meet at a networking group. 

It is important to be equipped with as many tools and resources as possible so you can be prepared to help those who choose to age in place. 


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