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Misinformed and stone age reporting styles around the COVID-19 pandemic has created a definite conflation of what constitutes “senior living.”

Anyone who is anyone in the world of senior living will tell you the word “facility” is out! And yet it seems that every news anchor and reporter in the country has been teleported back in time to days gone by.

Yes, most of us who work in the industry understand the distinct differences between active adult communities, independent living, assisted living, longterm care, and memory care, but unfortunately, the general public is still trying to figure it all out. The media and their inability to distinguish between the types of housing available to those age 55 and older sets us back in our attempts to educate.

You may recall a blog I wrote some time back on this issue titled: Dropping the F-Bomb: Is it Community or Facility? where I discuss this issue and how important it is that we as professionals learn the language of our industry.

The “F” word is inappropriate when describing senior living options which do not involve nursing care.

Community is a far more accurate description of what people are seeking when making a voluntary move into active adult or independent living.

Let’s be honest…have you ever actually heard anyone say, “I would just love to live in that facility!” Nope. Never. Not once. When people are faced with moving into nursing care, they will, however, often refer to such spaces as facilities. Nursing, healthcare, rehabilitation. Yes, these tend to be synonymous with the word facility. But when active adults are looking into relocation as an alternative to home ownership or a way to simplify their lifestyles, they are looking for a COMMUNITY! It is important that professionals who are working in the senior living and senior real estate industries – like Certified Senior Housing Professionals – must do what they can to educate their media contacts and political figureheads so that we do not lose ground when it comes to projecting a more positive image of senior living options.

Just say NO to the “F” word!

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