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Creating a niche

Why Does Lead Generation Suck? Part Two

In Part One of this blog topic I wrote about the reasons why real estate agents and other senior housing professionals may be frustrated at their inability to prospect and generate sales leads.

Now in Part Two, I talk about the positive points of failure.

People used to laugh at my husband Chris and I because we tried so many different things. That was until, however, we realized that THIS was in fact the “magic pill.” Trial and error is a GOOD thing. It is how we learn, grow, create, and ultimately find our own unique and perfectly aligned model.
Certainly it’s OK to model others and try the systems that are presented as successful, but observe your own unique twist along the way and enjoy the process of FAILING!

Yes, failing

Every time we tried something and failed, we gained more perspective about what DID work for us. Think about it…Michael Jordan and Thomas Edison both talk about the fact that failing is what made them icons in their chosen professions! 



Stop taking yourself so seriously!

If you are Relational Agent, you can probably skip the whole step of cold-calling and working the list of expired listings. And if you are a Transactional Agent, you might put networking or hosting intimate gatherings toward the bottom of your list. 

Consider your zone of genius: what comes natural to you and what you are passionate about…then incorporate THAT activity into your lead generation efforts. 

In a recent Success in Seniors Real Estate class, we were discussing this very topic and one of our students said she LOVES baking pies. Yes…pies. 

Another student pointed out that she could leverage pie baking in her marketing efforts by making small ones as gifts to senior living communities and other professional alliances she creates in her network. 

“Brilliant,” the first student said. “I am so excited about sharing my pie baking passion with my senior network.” 

When you are in your zone of genius — knowledge or skill + passion — people will not only be attracted to you, but they will REMEMBER you! 

Lead generation for relational agents doesn’t need to be grueling! 

Another SREI graduate wants her lead generation to be FUN. So for her, something fun is taking carnations to senior communities and sharing them with seniors who seldom have visitors or who are having a rough day. She asks the staff who would benefit from a “pick me up” flower and they help her identify residents for her to greet and share her flowers. 

“When I leave there, I feel like I have made a positive difference and the staff really appreciates that I am not “just another REALTOR.”  

Get in the Zone

If lead generation is sucking for you — it’s time to get in the zone. Here are a few other zones of genius creative ideas for you to consider and incorporate into your lead generation efforts. Photography — Offer to take updated photos for seniors at a local senior community center. They can give them as gifts to their family or just have them for personal use. Public speaking or teaching — If you love to teach and speak, schedule talks at civic club meetings, organizations, and senior communities. SREI’s “Downsizing Made Easy Presentation System” is a great tool for this type of seminar or expert panel event. More about the Downsizing Made Easy Presentation System.

Baking or cooking — Put together a class or volunteer to assist with one designed to help seniors prepare healthy and tasty foods. If you like to bake, consider taking baked goods to local senior community centers in goody bags with your marketing inside. 

Fundraising — Are you a natural born fundraiser? Create a senior-focused project where you help a local senior in need and solicit support from people in your community. Be sure to create a media buzz around this for lots of free press. 

Empowerment and Inspiration — Do people always tell you how great you make them feel? If you are a note writer, card mailer, or gift giver by nature, look for ways to use that gift to inspire and uplift others in the senior community. Volunteer to be that person for local senior communities, community centers, or not-for-profit organizations. 

Be a lead attractor, not a lead repeller





When you are in your ZONE, lead generation should feel good! When you feel good, your energy is positive. Positive energy attracts positive energy. 
The opposite is true if lead generation feels bad. Negative energy only attracts negative energy and repels positive results. If you feel resentment, fear, or pain around your efforts, you are actually doing more harm than good. 
Lead generation is really lead ATTRACTION and CREATION. 
We trust that this post has helped as you consider your lead generation strategy and we would love to know what your zone of genius is and how you use it to have more fun and get better results in your seniors niche. Please share with us in the comments section!


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