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In this video we share some advice about
 giving short talks and ideas on choosing a topic.

What topics are best for short talks?

This may seem like an easy question to answer, but the reality is that you need to do a bit of investigation before choosing a specific topic on which to speak.

Here a few things to consider:

  • Ask the program chair or person who recommended you as a speaker to share what they think the group would appreciate hearing about. Be sure to listen to what they say and differentiate between what they may personally want to know versus what they think would be good for their group.


  • Evaluate your audience. Find out what the makeup of the audience will be. Are they mostly retirees? Are there people dealing with caregiving issues? Is the group largely professionals and if so, what industries do they represent?


  • Suggest topics that involve 3 or 5 points. For instance, “3 Mistakes Longtime Homeowners Should Avoid When Downsizing.” List key points you want to share with short elaboration on each. Then, open it up for questions from the audience. 

If you are a licensee of the Downsizing Made Easy presentation system, you may want to refer to the 5 Steps to a Successful Move. You can review the five steps and offer to take questions on any of the points. 

One last very important point is to remember that this group has a schedule, an agenda, and a hard stop for their meetings. If you go over your allotted time, you will cause frustration for the program chair and the members will likely be squirming in their seats.

Honor the time you have been given and offer to talk privately with people after the meeting adjourns. This means not booking yourself for another appointment right after the meeting and having to rush out abruptly (which will appear very rude and leave you missing key opportunities to connect).


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