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Success in Seniors Real Estate

What It Means to Serve Seniors in Real Estate

Realtors who serve seniors provide far more than you might expect.

Some real estate agents begin to specialize as they gain experience in the business, and some agents wonder whether it’s a good idea to focus on serving seniors. Today I’ll be going over the different things you’ll need to keep in mind when catering your services toward the mature market.


Many salespeople prey upon those who lack knowledge. The less informed a person is, the easier it is to sway them toward a decision that benefits the salesperson. We do the opposite — we overeducate our clients to make sure they understand what they’re signing, what decisions they’re making, and how they’re progressing. Education is a key part of serving seniors effectively.

“I am an educator, advocate, and then a Realtor.”


Many of our clients haven’t bought or sold real estate in decades. In many cases, it’s like dealing with a first-time homebuyer. However, seniors may be somewhat fearful or lack the confidence to find answers to their concerns. As an educator, you position yourself as a fiduciary for the client and help them throughout the process.

When we provide advocacy, we go to bat for people who may be unable to do so themselves. When someone is being scammed or treated incorrectly, an advocate helps resolve these problems and get them what they need.

Real Estate

Finally, as Realtors, we help people buy and sell homes. However, this is the least-defining part of who we are — we are educators and advocates who help people meet their home-related goals. Though we may not see financial compensation for advocacy and education, these roles are fulfilling and rewarding on their own. The ultimate payoff is the trust we build in our community and with the people we serve.

Are you willing to be an educator and advocate for your clients? If so, working with seniors can be a rewarding way to specialize in real estate. If you’d like to learn more about what it means to become an expert in serving seniors, please contact us or visit our Success in Seniors Real Estate page.

Get started by enrolling in Success in Seniors Real Estate today or check out our Free Webinars.

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