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We have so many new people joining the CSHP and SREI communities and they are wondering what all the buzz is about Legacy Conference. So, some of our more seasoned attendees thought it would be a good idea if I shared a little bit about what to expect from this year’s conference. 


First and foremost, Legacy Conference is about community. It’s about learning, growing, and working together to both serve the mature market and develop our businesses to successfully support that mission. 

Attendees tell us every year that they feel like they are “at home” and “with their people” when they come. Other real estate conferences are often huge and people can get lost in the sea of activity. The Legacy Conference is much more intimate and engaging, so everyone has an opportunity to connect, share, and get to know each other. 


As always, there are general sessions that make you think bigger and consider the possibilities. And then of course there are sessions specifically designed to help you put action steps in place so you can hit the ground running when you get back home. 

It’s always fun to hear attendees share how far they have come since the previous conference! There is frequent recognition between participants who say, “I learned this from ____,” or “This wasn’t my idea, but it worked and I want to thank ____.” 

Consumer panel at Legacy Conference


Each year I am amazed at the wisdom, resources, and information that people give freely around the tables, over lunch, and especially during cocktail hour. When you get a room full of people who are passionate and servant-centered, you can’t help but feel energized, inspired, and recharged. 

Unfortunately, many agents tend to work alone. Their brokers don’t really get it and their colleagues think they’re crazy. So, in this one space, attendees get to be the normal ones – the brilliant ones – they get to shine! 

I promise you will get far more than you ever imagined – as long as you show up ready to both learn and contribute. This conference isn’t for people who simply want to market to seniors. This conference is for people who want to serve. 

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

In case you might be wondering why we hold the conference in Oklahoma City…

It’s simple. Seniors Real Estate Institute is headquartered in OKC and so it just makes sense. The event is held in OKC in order to keep costs low and provide the best conference possible.

As an emerging organization, our conference is still growing, but relatively small. By hosting it in Oklahoma City, we don’t have to charge crazy conference registration prices and the hotel rooms are affordable for people on a budget. 

If you haven’t been to Oklahoma City in a while, you will be pleasantly surprised at all the growth and revitalization that has been happening here! You may even want to plan to stay an extra day to check out the museums, parks, and other entertainment in the Midtown, Bricktown, and Downtown areas. 

Here is the most important thing you need to know. Legacy Conference is the ONE place you can come together with other like-minded people who have a true heart and passion for service to seniors and who “get it” at the highest level.

Some attendees are newer to the niche and others have been serving the mature market for a decade or two. Everyone, I mean everyone, has something to share. 

To learn more about session topics and registration info, visit the conference page on the website. 

We can’t wait to see you October 18-20 in OKC!