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What Are the Key Ingredients of a Successful Seminar?


Here are a few tips for having a successful seminar experience.

What makes a “successful” seminar? It depends on your goals. For some, it’s getting new business. For others, it’s building relationships with communities. For us, we want to build a long-term relationship with people and become their go-to real estate resource. Today’s tips are given with the second two goals in mind. 

Feel free to watch the full video, or use these timestamps to browse specific topics at your leisure:

1:10 — Is the seminar business model right for you?

1:53 — 3 Tips from the Ultimate Senior Living Seminar Solution materials

2:04 — TIP #1: Seminars should be educational

2:54 — TIP #2: Host a series versus just one topic 

4:29 — TIP #3: Professionalism matters – be prepared and bring your A game!

5:35 — Words of encouragement for those who have doubts

The thought of hosting seminars may be overwhelming at first, but if you talk to others who have chosen this path, you will find that is is not only a great business model, but it is personally fulfilling too! 

We encourage you to check out some of the seminar programs we and other CSHPs using the Ultimate Senior Living Seminar Model around the country have created as a source of inspiration! Here are a few links: 

Remember, the first one’s always the hardest, but it gets easier after that.

And if you are looking for the “How to” manual for creating your own series, click the link below for more information about the Ultimate Senior Living Seminar Series offered exclusively by the Seniors Real Estate Institute.