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In this video we share ideas for senior living seminar topics based on the goals you have for your educational programming.  

Senior living seminar programs are a great way to create relationships with seniors in your market, as well as like-minded educators like senior living communities, estate planning attorneys, financial planners, bankers, not-for-profit organizations, and more. In fact, many of our CSHPs have created massively successful seminar programs with anywhere from 50-200 people in attendance each month.

One of the most common questions agents have about putting on these programs is what topics to offer. Naturally, they want to talk about real estate from the get-go, but that’s a mistake. It’s important to meet your clients where they are and to offer topics that are attractive to them and about things in which they are curious – regardless of whether they are ready to buy or sell a home. 

NOTE: To do this, you must GENUINELY care about education, about seniors, and about helping people make better and more informed decisions about things that matter. 

At SREI, we categorize seminar topics as top of the funnel, middle of the funnel, and bottom of the funnel topics. The funnel we are referring to is the decision-making and/or sales cycle funnel. 


Remember the decision-making phases?

  • Denial
  • Thinking
  • Planning
  • Action
  • Resolution/Reflection

When people are either in denial or thinking mode – as it relates to relocating or downsizing – they aren’t going to come to a seminar about selling a home. They will, however, come to a program about options for paying for senior living, creating an estate plan, scam and fraud prevention strategies, or evaluating symptoms of dementia. 

If you do a good job delivering top of the funnel topics, these learning-based individuals will continue to come and hear you talk about other subjects. 

When people are in the planning phase of decision-making, they want to hear about ways to make their move easier, estate liquidation options, senior living community pricing and services, and how to price a home to sell as-is. They don’t, however, want to hear about you and your company and how great they are. They are still investigating their options and planning for the action phase. 

If you do a good job at delivering middle of funnel topics, these attendees are likely to want to talk with you in person about their individualized situations. 

Most of the time you will talk about the specifics of real estate once you have a personal connection and rapport built with someone. Time and consistency create trust. This doesn’t typically happen in one seminar. 

So, what are the “hot topics” for senior living seminars? It depends on your goal! If your goal is to build an audience by educating people about the things that matter, you will want to create top of funnel topics that affect larger numbers of people. If you want to help people think more seriously about their options and strategies for relocating, consider topics related to the relocation process (i.e. move management, estate liquidation, downsizing strategies, etc.). 


If you are curious about working with seniors (because you TRULY care about people and want to be more educated on how to serve their needs) reach out to us to learn more about our programs and products. If you already have a strong mature market niche and are looking for seminar topics and strategies, you may want to check out our Ultimate Senior Living Seminar Solution. 

Happy educating!!!!