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Retirement Living Sometimes Means Simplifying

More and more older adults are choosing to enjoy those hard earned years following retirement — FULL ON. And to them we say …

“Right on!”

This choice often means finding ways to simplify life, putting attention on the things you enjoy most.

One choice we at the Seniors Real Estate Institute see as people simplify, is the choice to NOT live in a house requiring so much of their valuable time and attention.

Consider Joyce and Tom as an example.

They lived in the same 4500 square foot home for the past 35 years. Not only is it a beautiful home, but the small hidden acreage with a pond, pool, trees, and outbuildings created an absolutely stunning sanctuary in the middle of a busy metropolitan area. Most people don’t even know it exists – perfect personal refuge, company party place, and ideal landscape to have enjoyed the now grown grandkids.

While there was seemingly no particular reason to make a move, this couple, now 69 and 78 years respectively, are choosing to relocate. A few years ago they purchased a waterfront condo in South Florida and have found that they aren’t getting to enjoy it as much as they intended to due to the upkeep needed at their primary residence (especially during the Fall and Winter months).


“Let’s downsize,” they said. After several years of contemplation.

For Joyce and Tom, downsizing meant a smaller place, but not a smaller house. They sold the in-town acreage and purchased a nearly 4000 square foot home on a small lot in a gated community only about 10 miles away.

This purchase not only created space in their attention and schedule to focus on traveling more and enjoying their Florida ocean getaways, but it also provided peace of mind — knowing that while they are away, their property is being watched by the local neighborhood patrol.

Joyce still has room to host family and church group gatherings, while Tom feels more confident knowing that if something happened to him, Joyce could maintain the home with very little outside support.

They both appreciate being able to sit with a relaxing glass of red wine on the patio in the evening instead of raking leaves and chasing “critters” out of the yard.

Is this really downsizing or is it more like simplifying? To each their own. Life is too short — enjoy each moment.

What you have done to simplify your life?

The Seniors Real Estate Institute, Founded by Nikki Buckelew, offers education and training for real estate professionals specializing in working with senior adults. Certified Senior Housing Professionals (CSHPs) having completed a rigorous training and exam process, a complex post-coursework regimen, and thorough reference and sales history evaluation, they are uniquely equipped to assist couples like Joyce and Tom in creating the lifestyle they choose in the next chapter of their post-retirement lives. Thanks to their knowledgeable and caring CSHP, this couple is thrilled to be experiencing their retirement with both comfort and peace of mind.


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