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New Trainers Added to the Seniors Real Estate Institute

We are thrilled to be adding trainers to the Seniors Real Estate Institute. Here are the details in the press release and if you are interested in possibly becoming a trainer, contact us for info. We’ve added some really fantastic people to the team with more to come.


New Trainers Added to the Seniors Real Estate Institute
Growth Spurt Fuels Demand for Knowledge

In an effort to answer growing demand for their training, coaching, and certification services, the Seniors Real Estate Institute recently added several new trainers to their team. These trainers – who are spread across the country – will spend their time conducting seminars near their geographic locales for real estate agents, brokers, senior move managers, and others involved in the senior services industry.

The newest team of trainers experienced an intensive, two day training session themselves at Twin Creeks Country Club in Austin, Texas where Seniors Real Estate Institute co-founder and CEO Nikki Buckelew shared content and best practices for delivery of SREI’s signature courses “5 Essential Strategies for Serving Seniors” and “Success in Seniors Real Estate.”

The new trainers also received thorough instruction in how to structure these courses to best equip course attendees to begin the process of receiving designation as a Certified Senior Housing Professional of the Seniors Real Estate Institute. 



“The goal is to expand our trainings to real estate agents and brokers across the country to meet the demand of the aging population,” says Buckelew. “A significant part of the training is designed to show agents how to work with senior housing communities to ease the transition of senior clients by making the move-in process smoother and facilitating the sale of the senior clients’ home.”

Buckelew, who logs significant frequent flier miles weekly conducting classes in and outside the U.S., doesn’t plan to reduce her travel commitment. “The addition of these new trainers is not a matter of me cutting down my workload,” she explains. “It’s about enabling us to conduct more sessions in more cities and better train senior housing professionals in how to effectively serve senior clients.”   

The new trainers and Buckelew now convene weekly via tele-conference to refine and improve upon the courses based upon attendee feedback and industry trends. 

“Although our trainers are often chosen after showing up as high achievers in our courses, they still are required to undergo a rigorous interview and audition process,” explains Buckelew. “They must fully understand and be able to teach both the business building and service aspects of creating a seniors real estate niche.” 

Professionals interested in serving as a trainer with the Seniors Real Estate Institute may visit: 



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