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8:00 am – Breakfast

8:30 am - Opening Session: Growth: Igniting a Transformational Mindset

Prepare to be inspired as we explore the power of growth and challenge conventional thinking. This session will delve into the importance of adopting a growth mindset in order to truly be different – setting you apart from those who merely say they are specialists but have nothing to back it up. 

Kickstart your conference experience with an enlightening and thought-provoking session on how personal, professional, and financial growth intertwine on the path to a rewarding and successful business.

9:30 am – Consumer Panel: Downsizing Insights, Experiences, and Wisdom

Gain invaluable insights from a consumer panel of senior adults who have recently undergone the downsizing journey. Join us for a captivating session where these individuals will share their personal experiences, reflections, and insights on various aspects of downsizing, providing a unique perspective from the client’s point of view.

Discover firsthand how these seniors navigated the decision-making process, including the factors that influenced their choices and the timeline it took to make those decisions. Learn about their considerations when selecting the ideal destination for their new homes, whether it be a senior living community, a smaller residence, or another housing option that met their evolving needs.

Explore the obstacles and challenges they encountered while transitioning from their longtime homes, and hear about the strategies they employed to overcome them. Gain valuable insights into the emotional and logistical hurdles that arise during downsizing, such as letting go of sentimental possessions and adapting to a new living environment.

Of particular interest will be their experiences with real estate agents. Discover firsthand how their agents played a role in their downsizing journey. Did they provide valuable guidance, support, and expertise? Were they a positive influence, helping to alleviate stress and streamline the process? The panelists will candidly discuss their interactions with real estate agents, shedding light on what made the experience helpful or unhelpful, positive or negative.

Join us for this engaging consumer panel session, where the voices of downsized seniors take center stage. Gain valuable insights into their decision-making processes, the challenges they faced, and the role of real estate agents in their downsizing experiences. Learn from their stories and perspectives to enhance your understanding and refine your approach when working with seniors in similar situations.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear directly from those who have lived through the downsizing process. Their insights will inspire and inform, enabling you to better serve your clients and create meaningful, positive experiences throughout their downsizing journeys.

10:45 am Agent Panel: Serving as the Hub of the Relocation Experience

Join us at the Legacy Conference as we bring together a distinguished panel of experienced Certified Senior Housing Professionals. These agents possess a wealth of knowledge and key insights into serving the vital role of the central hub in the relocation experience for seniors.

During this highly anticipated session, panelists will share their extensive experience and expertise in guiding individuals through every stage of the relocation process. From assisting longtime homeowners in making the pivotal decision to move and determining the optimal timing, to identifying the ideal destination for their next chapter, our panelists have served as trusted advisors throughout it all.

Delve into the intricacies of relocation strategies as our panelists provide valuable insights into developing personalized plans tailored to each client’s unique circumstances and aspirations. Discover the considerations involved in coordinating a network of professionals, from downsizing specialists to movers and estate liquidators, to support seniors with the practical aspects of the transition.

Of particular interest will be the panel’s discussions on assisting clients with liquidating and selling their former residences. Gain valuable insights into navigating the intricacies of the shifting real estate market, establishing optimal pricing, and communicating each step of a complex project. Our panelists will share their success stories, lessons learned, and effective approaches to ensuring a seamless and profitable selling process.

Whether you’re a seasoned senior housing professional or new to the field, this expert panel session is a must-attend. Learn from the best in the industry as they share their knowledge, tips, and practical advice to empower you in serving as the reliable and trusted hub throughout the entire relocation experience.

Make sure to reserve your spot at the Legacy Conference and engage with our expert panel. Their collective wisdom and insights will elevate your understanding and equip you with the tools needed to provide exceptional service to your senior clients. Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to learn from the very best in the field and enhance your expertise as a senior-centered real estate specialist.

12:00 – Lunch (on your own)

1:30 pm General Session: Mastering the Art of Downsizing: Helping Seniors Transition with Ease

Join us for an enlightening and empowering general session led by Dr. Nikki Buckelew, PhD, co-founder, and CEO of the Seniors Real Estate Institute. During this session titled “Mastering the Art of Downsizing: Helping Seniors Transition with Ease,” Dr. Buckelew will walk you through the Downsizing Made Easy Method®, a proven and highly effective approach designed to make the downsizing and relocation process smoother for longtime homeowners. With practical insights and actionable tips, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the steps involved in this renowned method and how to implement it effectively in your own practices.

Discover how implementing the Downsizing Made Easy Method® can set you apart from others in the industry, enabling you to better serve your older adult clients. By leveraging this proven approach, you will alleviate stress and provide a more personalized experience that addresses the unique needs and concerns of each client.

Dr. Buckelew, a recognized thought leader in senior real estate, developed the Downsizing Made Easy Method® based on extensive research and experience. Her session will empower you to become a trusted guide for seniors throughout the downsizing process, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to navigate challenges and emotions with empathy and expertise.

Join us for this transformative session where you will gain mastery in the art of downsizing, incorporating the Downsizing Made Easy Method® into your practice. Elevate your real estate services to new heights, providing exceptional support and relief to seniors during this significant life transition.

Note: The Downsizing Made Easy Method® is a trademarked approach developed by Dr. Nikki Buckelew, PhD, the esteemed co-founder and CEO of the Seniors Real Estate Institute.

2:45 pm Consumer Panel: Empowering Seniors through Education

Join us for a thought-provoking session featuring a panel of senior adults who regularly attend educational programs hosted by Certified Senior Housing Professionals. These seniors are actively preparing for future relocations and have found immense value in attending such programs. In this session, they will share their firsthand experiences, shedding light on the benefits, appeal, and expectations they have when participating in educational events facilitated by professionals in the marketplace.

Discover how these educational programs have been instrumental in assisting seniors in their relocation journey. Gain valuable insights into what resonates with them, what they find most helpful, and the aspects that make seminars and lectures appealing to their needs. Furthermore, panelists will candidly discuss their likes, dislikes, and expectations when attending these events regularly.

By attending this session, real estate agents will gain valuable perspectives and practical tips on how to create and host educational programs tailored to the needs of seniors preparing for relocation. Learn how to engage and empower seniors through education, enhancing your expertise and establishing yourself as a trusted resource in the marketplace.

4:00 pm Agent Panel:  Growing Your Mature Market Niche: Unlocking the Power of Educational Programs

Join us for an enlightening session that features a panel of Certified Senior Housing Professionals (CSHPs) who have successfully implemented regular educational programs to expand their mature market niche. In this session, panelists will share their insights, experiences, and strategies to help agents who are considering hosting educational programs or seeking to enhance their existing initiatives.

Discover the diverse topics, engaging processes, and effective venues utilized by CSHPs to educate and engage their target audience. Gain valuable insights into the planning and execution of educational programs, including how to identify relevant topics, structure content, and maximize attendee participation.

Whether you are looking to start hosting educational programs or seeking to refine your existing ones, this session offers invaluable guidance. Learn from experienced CSHPs as they share their successes, challenges, and best practices in delivering educational content that resonates with the mature market niche.

Join us to unlock the power of educational programs in growing your mature market niche, establishing yourself as a trusted resource, and cultivating meaningful connections with potential clients.

5:00 pm – Dinner Break

7:00 pm – Evening BONUS Session

Each year at the Legacy Conference we offer a value added evening session for those who are serious about mastery in the senior real estate market. The session isn’t published until attendees arrive at conference and the recorded session is made available only to those who attend the conference. We know this year’s topic will be a big hit! Feel free to kick off your shoes, dress in your comfy clothes, bring your glass of wine, cocktail, or beverage of choice and join us for this high powered BONUS SESSION! 

8:00 – Breakfast & Registration open

8:30 am General Session: Mastering the Lead Attraction Funnel for Pipeline Development

Join us for an insightful session where we delve into the intricacies of the lead funnel and pipeline management, specifically designed to engage senior adults and longtime homeowners. Discover the power of the lead funnel and learn how to effectively guide potential clients through each stage of readiness, from denial to resolution, ensuring a smooth and successful real estate journey.

During this session, we will explore the various stages of readiness that seniors may experience when considering a move. From initial denial to thoughtful contemplation, from planning and taking action to reaching a resolution, we will provide practical strategies to engage and support clients at each step of their decision-making process.

Gain valuable insights into nurturing strategies that build trust, establish expertise, and address the unique concerns and needs of senior adults. Learn how to tailor your approach to meet clients where they are in their readiness journey, providing the guidance and support they need to make informed decisions about their future.

Unlock the secrets of effective lead funnel and pipeline management, and become a trusted partner for seniors navigating the complexities of real estate transitions. Elevate your lead management skills and empower your clients to move forward with confidence.

9:30 am Mastermind Session: Connecting with Your Ideal Client

Join us for an interactive and collaborative session where attendees will engage in a group mastermind to explore the best ideas and innovate new strategies for generating interest and engagement from downsizing seniors. During this session, participants will come together to discuss and brainstorm top-of-funnel lead attraction strategies, leveraging their collective expertise and insights.

Through focused discussions and exchange of ideas, attendees will delve into various approaches, tactics, and channels that have proven successful in attracting and engaging their target audience. They will have dedicated time to collaborate, share experiences, and inspire one another to think creatively and innovatively.

After the mastermind period, participants will have the opportunity to present their ideas and strategies to the larger group, fostering further collaboration and collective learning. This session aims to create a dynamic and supportive environment where attendees can generate and refine lead attraction strategies that align with the unique needs of downsizing seniors and longtime homeowners.

Join us for this collaborative mastermind session and tap into the collective wisdom and creativity of fellow professionals. Discover new ideas, gain fresh perspectives, and enhance your lead attraction strategies to effectively engage your target audience and drive success in your real estate business.

11:00 am Agent Panel:  Strategic Expansion: Enhancing Your Business Model with Ancillary Services

As real estate professionals, we all reach a point where we contemplate the potential benefits of integrating alternative or extended services into our business models. Whether the aim is to streamline the downsizing process or to establish a turnkey solution that attracts leads, offering supplementary options to clients can be a savvy strategic move. However, it’s crucial to approach this decision from a well-informed perspective.

Join us for a dynamic panel discussion that delves into the intricacies of strategic expansion in your real estate business. We understand there are a myriad of considerations, variables, and questions that arise when contemplating the “whats,” “whens,” “hows,” and “who’s” of business expansion. Our panel of agents will share their experiences navigating this complex terrain, providing insights, strategies, and success stories to help you make informed decisions.

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the world of strategic business expansion with industry pioneers who have walked this path. Uncover the keys to unlocking new opportunities, serving your clients more comprehensively, and positioning your business for long-term success.

12:00 – Lunch (on your own)

1:30 pm General Session: Stage vs. Age: Defining and Refining Your Niche

In this general session we will challenge the conventional understanding of target audiences in senior real estate. Drawing inspiration from Susan Wilner Golden’s book “Stage (Not Age): How to Understand and Serve People Over 60,” we will delve into the nuanced factors that influence the needs and preferences of downsizers and longtime home sellers in different life stages.

Discover how understanding the unique circumstances, aspirations, and challenges of individuals at various life stages can transform your approach to senior real estate. Gain valuable insights into identifying and effectively connecting with target audiences based on their specific needs, rather than making assumptions based solely on age demographics.

Through thought-provoking discussions and case studies, we will explore the key principles outlined in “Stage (Not Age): How to Understand and Serve People Over 60” and apply them to real-world scenarios. Embrace a more nuanced and holistic understanding of target audiences, and learn how to tailor your services to meet the diverse needs of individuals in different stages of life.


2:45 pm Strategic Alliances: Interviewing New Resource Team Members Part I

Join us for an enlightening session where we interview Lee Smith, a seasoned mortgage lender and Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) expert from Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp. This session offers a unique opportunity to observe effective interviewing techniques while gaining invaluable insights into financing options for buyers age 62 and older.

Through engaging discussions and real-life examples, Lee will not only share his expertise on navigating financing options but also demonstrate effective interviewing techniques when helping retirees evaluate home buying opportunities. Experience firsthand how he coaches and consults with potential home buyers, guiding them through the decision-making process. 

Gain comprehensive knowledge of the pros and cons associated with paying cash, opting for a forward-facing mortgage, or considering a reverse mortgage (HECM), empowering you to provide informed guidance to your clients.

By attending this session, you will not only acquire invaluable knowledge about financing options for older buyers but also observe effective interviewing techniques for new resource team members. Learn how to conduct successful interviews, ask the right questions, and assess candidate suitability for your team. This dual benefit of the session will enhance your skills in both financing guidance and team building.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a seasoned expert, observe effective interviewing techniques, and enhance your understanding of financing options for buyers age 62 and older. Expand your expertise, improve your interviewing skills, and navigate the complex landscape of real estate financing for those over age 62 with confidence.

3:30 pm Agent Panel: Interactive Q&A with CSHPs and CSDCs

Get ready for an engaging session where you have the chance to ask your burning questions and receive insights from a diverse group of Certified Senior Housing Professionals (CSHPs) and Certified Senior Downsizing Coaches (CSDCs). 

On the first day of the conference, we invite you to submit your questions on index cards, focusing on client service challenges, market niche growth, SREI products and programs, or any other relevant issues you would like to discuss. During this session, the questions submitted will be posed to the room, and attendees who hold CSHP or CSDC certification will be asked to offer their insights and share their experiences in response.

The session is designed to foster a collaborative environment and encourages active participation from attendees from multiple markets and with varying levels of experience and expertise in a variety of areas. 

4:30 pm 2023 SREI Recognition Ceremony: Celebrating Legacy Leaders and Achievements

Join us for a momentous Recognition Ceremony as we honor the outstanding accomplishments of individuals who have made significant contributions to the field of senior real estate. This special ceremony will commemorate the 2023 Legacy Leader, newly certified Certified Senior Housing Professionals (CSHPs), and newly certified Senior Downsizing Coaches (CSDCs) in attendance.

The ceremony will highlight the achievements of our esteemed Legacy Leader, whose exceptional leadership and dedication have left a lasting impact on the industry. We will also acknowledge and congratulate the newly certified CSHPs and SDCs, celebrating their commitment to professional growth and excellence in serving the needs of seniors.

In addition to individual recognition, we will shine a spotlight on those who have demonstrated exemplary service in leadership roles within the Seniors Real Estate Institute (SREI) and on various committees throughout the year. Their tireless efforts and valuable contributions have helped shape and advance our organization.

Join us for this celebratory Recognition Ceremony as we applaud the achievements, commitment, and leadership of individuals who have made a significant difference in the field of senior real estate. Let us come together to honor their accomplishments and inspire one another to continue making a positive impact in serving seniors and the community.


Join SREI for hors d’oeuvres and drinks following the first full conference day. Mix and mingle, meet new friends, connect with your peers, and share insights from the day’s events.

8:00 – Breakfast & Registration open

8:30 am General Session: Productivity and purpose: Focusing on what matters most

In a world filled with endless noise and distractions, it can be challenging to determine what truly matters and where to direct our attention. Join us for a thought-provoking session that will help you navigate this landscape and focus on what truly drives success. 

During this session, we will provide practical guidance on the top activities of successful Certified Senior Housing Professionals (CSHPs), debunking common industry myths and misconceptions. Learn how to prioritize your efforts and distinguish between what is truly important and what can be ignored. Sometimes, saying “no” to certain tasks or opportunities is just as crucial as saying “yes.”

Gain insights into effective strategies for maximizing productivity and aligning your actions with purpose. Discover the key activities that have proven to be most impactful for successful CSHPs, enabling you to streamline your efforts and achieve meaningful results.

Don’t miss this opportunity to refocus your energy and gain clarity on what truly matters in your real estate business. Embrace practical guidance, debunk myths, and find your path to enhanced productivity and purpose.

9:30 am Agent panel: Accelerating Readiness and Streamlining Sales through Downsizer Clubs

Join us for an engaging conference session that delves into the power of hosting downsizer clubs to facilitate the stages of readiness and shorten the sales cycle. Our panel of experienced Certified Senior Housing Professionals (CSHPs) who have successfully hosted these clubs will share their insights, successes, and lessons learned. Discover how downsizer clubs can effectively guide individuals through the decision-making process, foster a sense of community, and ultimately accelerate their readiness to make a move.

During this session, attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and gain valuable insights into the topics offered at these clubs. Explore the strategies employed by our panelists to attract and enroll participants, fostering engagement and active participation. Gain practical tips on creating an environment that encourages open dialogue, builds trust, and provides the necessary support for individuals on their downsizing journey.

10:30 am Strategic Alliances: Interviewing New Resource Team Members Part II

Join us for an engaging session as we interview Todd Emrick, an industry expert from Wheaton Worldwide Moving, to delve into the specialized services they offer for relocating older adults. 

This two-fold session provides attendees with valuable benefits: 1) Observing effective interviewing techniques, and 2) Gaining insights into what makes a moving company more effective in serving the target audience of older adults in transition.

During the interview, attendees will have the unique opportunity to witness a live demonstration of effective interviewing techniques. Learn firsthand how to effectively evaluate a new resource team member and gain valuable techniques that can be applied in your own practice.

In addition, this session aims to deepen attendees’ understanding of what sets a moving company apart when it comes to serving older adults. Todd Emrick will share his expertise and insights, shedding light on the factors that contribute to a moving company’s effectiveness in meeting the unique needs and concerns of older adults in transition.

12:00 pm Working Lunch: Case Studies for Navigating Downsizing Challenges with Older Adults

Enjoy a productive working lunch thanks to valued SREI Education Partners. Attendees will engage in a series of case studies specifically designed to tackle common scenarios encountered when working with downsizing older adults. This interactive lunch and learn session aims to foster collaborative problem-solving and provide valuable insights into effective solutions.

Participants will dive into theoretical scenarios and work through them as a group. Through lively discussions and shared experiences, attendees will explore various approaches and strategies for addressing the challenges faced by older adults during the downsizing process. The case studies will cover a range of topics, including emotional considerations, logistics, and decision-making dilemmas.

As a collective, attendees will analyze the scenarios, propose possible solutions, and share their perspectives on navigating through the challenges. The session will provide an opportunity for open dialogue, collaborative problem-solving, and learning from one another’s expertise.

Following the case study discussions, there will be a debriefing opportunity for the larger group, where participants will have the chance to report back and share the insights and solutions discussed within their smaller groups. This debriefing session will allow for cross-pollination of ideas and further exploration of potential strategies.

1:30 pm Closing session: Unleashing Your Potential: Crafting Your Personalized Growth Plan for Success

Join us for an empowering and inspiring session as we conclude the conference with a focus on your personal growth and success. In this interactive session, we invite you to reflect on your conference experience and create a personalized growth plan that will propel you forward in your real estate career.

During this session, we will guide you through a series of exercises and discussions to help you identify what success truly means to you. Drawing from the knowledge and insights gained throughout the conference, you will have the opportunity to map out actionable steps and strategies that align with your unique goals and aspirations.

Through self-reflection and group activities, you will gain clarity on how to implement the valuable lessons and skills acquired during the conference. Explore ways to leverage your strengths, overcome challenges, and seize new opportunities within your local market. Craft a personalized growth plan that will serve as a roadmap for achieving your vision of success.

By the end of this session, you will leave with a concrete plan of action, inspired and motivated to make a significant impact in your real estate practice. Embrace the opportunity to connect with fellow attendees, share insights, and receive support as you embark on your journey toward personal and professional growth.

Join us for this transformative session where you will create your personalized growth plan and gain the motivation and clarity needed to implement what you’ve learned from the conference. Ignite your potential, make a lasting impact in your market, and chart a course toward achieving the success you envision.

3:00 pm Adjourn 

Many attendees choose to stay an additional night in Oklahoma City and use the afternoon and evening to network, mastermind, and share resources with other attendees. There are often informal gatherings at local restaurants and pubs, sight-seeing groups who like to see the local attractions, and simply enjoy spending time with like-minded professionals who share the same passion for serving seniors.