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7:30 – Breakfast & Registration open

8:30 – Opening Session - The Rising Tide of Senior Real Estate Will Raise All Boats

There is no doubt that senior real estate and housing is now getting more attention in both the real estate industry and mainstream media than ever before. Despite the thousands of news articles centered on demographic trends and the Silver Tsunami, we are finally seeing more residential real estate brokerages launch programs to try and stay relevant (and capture market share) within the fastest growing demographic in the country – older adults. 

In this session we will share how current market trends and an increased focus on the mature market niche can both be a blessing and a challenge for those who have both a heart and passion for serving seniors. We instinctively know that a rising tide raises all ships, so are you ready to embrace the possibilities that come with more people entering the senior real estate space in the coming decade? If not, now is the time to get your gear because the possibilities are endless for those who show up ready to serve!

9:30 – Mature Home Sellers Do the Downsizing Happy Dance (Consumer Panel)

Longtime homeowners having recently relocated to a smaller residence are the single best source of information for those of us catering to the mature market. This year’s panelists have been selected for their ability and willingness to share candid commentary about the up’s, down’s and in-betweens related to every stage of the downsizing and home sale experience.

10:45 – Consumer Education: The Bridge to Building Trust (Consumer Panel)

It’s widely known that senior-centered educational programming like talks, lectures, and seminars serve to differentiate agents from their peers. But were you aware that these same types of programs, when offered consistently, are one of the best ways for building both trust and loyalty amongst future home sellers? Learn from senior living seminar attendees and downsizing club members just how vital the educational experience has been for them as they interviewed and ultimately selected the best real estate pro to sell their home.

12:00 – Lunch

1:30 – General Session: The Many Faces of the Mature Market

When you think of the senior real estate market, also commonly referred to as the mature market, what comes to mind? Chances are, you have already realized that this so-called “market” is actually multi-faceted. Not only are those who make up the older adult demographic highly diverse, the many ways in which to successfully serve them is equally as complex. In this session we will break down the personal, professional, and public platforms and reveal countless senior real estate and mature market opportunities that haven’t even begun to be fully explored. 


2:30 – Expert Panel - Successful Senior Living Seminar Strategies

You already know that offering senior-centered educational programming is a successful strategy for growing a mature market pipeline, but are you getting the results you would like at your monthly seminars? Learn from seasoned CSHPs who consistently fill rooms, attract willing education partners, and create regular business through strategic educational programming.

3:45 – Expert Panel - Pipeline Management: Forwarding the Sales Process

One of the biggest challenges of the senior real estate niche is learning to move people through the sales cycle. We often make initial contact with people who are in the denial, thinking, or planning stage and we naturally want them to take action because that’s when we get paid. So, how do you stay engaged without seeming pushy, salesy, or uncaring? This group of expert panelists including agents and senior living community representatives will share their secrets for adding value and keeping prospects engaged through mail, in-person events, education, home visits and more.

5:00 pm – Legacy Leader Award Presentation

The SREI community is made up of countless servant leaders. Each year our membership honors one of these talented and giving individuals (or teams) by recognizing them as the Legacy Leader of the Year. This year we will be presenting the award earlier in the conference schedule so the honoree (or honorees) can be duly appreciated for their hard work and dedication throughout the remainder of the conference.


Join SREI for hors d’oeuvres and drinks following the first full conference day. Mix and mingle, meet new friends, connect with your peers, and share insights from the day’s events.

7:30 – Breakfast

8:30 – General Session: Serving the “I’m not ready yet” client

No one wakes up one day and says, “I think it’s time to downsize.” No, in fact the opposite is true, more people tend to say, “I’m never moving. I’m staying here until I die.” So, how do you help those who are in the denial stage to move forward and create a plan? During this session we will discuss the power of positioning. By positioning yourself effectively, you can create both trust and loyalty, so that when they’re ready, they call you!

9:30 – Expert Panel - Talking with Top Talent: Who they are and how to find them

There is no question that surrounding yourself with the right people is the key to both profit and possibility. Administrative team members hold some of the most consequential positions in any real estate sales business, especially for specialists serving the mature market. In this panel you will hear from the rock stars themselves as they share their roles, responsibilities, and what makes them so invaluable to the agents who employ them.

10:45 – Expert panel - Moving Move Management to the Top of the Lead Funnel

You’ve heard our mantra before: “If you don’t have a move manager, you are one!” Move management services are an essential component of the downsizing process. And for many CSHPs, putting move management at the top of the lead generation funnel has proven to be smart business. This lineup of expert panelists will share strategies for successfully attracting listing leads through the marketing of move management services. Whether you have an in-house move manager, own your own move management company, or partner with outside providers, leveraging move management to connect with more people is a business strategy worth exploring.

12:00 – Lunch

1:30 – Sharpening the Saw: Case Study Masterminds

Some of the best tools, resources, and strategies come from your peers. And when solving problems, sometimes we simply need a new and different perspective. During this session you will collaborate within small groups to find solutions, offer support, and solve commonly encountered obstacles within the mature market niche. Case studies will be presented and groups will work together in a round table setting to formulate the best possible plan of action. Everyone has something to offer and we all have more to learn, so let’s put our heads together and demonstrate just how different we actually are!

4:30 - Dinner Break

6:30 – Evening BONUS Session

The evening BONUS session is where we reveal the “surprise” never-before-trained high-level content shared each year at the Legacy Conference. The conference BONUS session is a special perk for in-person attendees only and NOT part of the video replays made available following the conference.

7:30 – Breakfast & Registration open

8:30 – General Session: Walking the Walk: What makes you different?

As experts serving a distinctively niche market, it’s critical to be able to demonstrate your point of difference. Not only must your differentiate yourself from the average real estate agent, but with increasing competition in the niche market space, you must also have complete clarity about who you are who you serve, and how do it. In this session we will discuss what it means to truly be different. No, it’s not about marketing – it’s about delivering what your ideal client needs, wants, and expects. It’s about having a plan, a process, and the right people to support their execution. What makes you different?

9:30 – Expert Panel - Leveraging Reverse Mortgage Loans to Help More Buyers

The FHA-insured Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) is the only age-specific loan product on the market and it’s designed specifically for senior adults aged 62 and older. As specialists focused on serving the mature market, it’s our duty to equip ourselves with as many relevant tools and resources as possible. During this session we will discuss the uses and benefits of the reverse mortgage loan product, both for aging in place and for purchase. We will also hear from fellow CSHPs who are effectively leveraging this loan product to attract more clients.

10:45 – Expert Panel - Big Teams, Small Teams, Medium Teams Oh-My!

Whether you are gearing up for massive growth, managing momentum, or winding down to enjoy the fruits of a well-built business, no one succeeds alone. During this panel we will explore how successful CSHPs have strategically surrounded themselves with talented team members in the areas of administration, sales, marketing, move management and more. Learn what it takes to become an effective leader that attracts, trains, and retains top talent.

12:00 – Lunch

1:30 – General Session - Let’s get personal: Legacy planning for REALTORS

To truly identify with your clients and your target audience of older adults, it is important to better understand them. And regardless of your age, it’s never too soon to begin thinking about what your own legacy will be. While it’s easy to want to focus on what “other people” should do, it’s much harder to do those things ourselves. So, what personal work might you need to do so that you can 1) Better identify with your clients and target audience, and 2) Ensure that your own legacy is the one you intend to leave behind? Let’s get personal.

2:30 – Closing Session