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Serving the Mature Homeowner

Helping Clients Who Aren’t Ready To Move Yet

How to best respond to clients who aren’t yet ready to move.

How should you respond to an older adult who says: “I’m not ready yet?” We regularly hear about agents who go to a potential client’s home thinking that it’s a listing appointment. In reality, the client is in the thinking or planning phase of decision-making and simply needs or wants information.

When you ask if they’re ready to move forward and they answer that they’re not ready yet, how do you handle that situation? It’s definitely not the standard objection handler you’ve been taught in real estate school, right?

The worst thing you can do is pressure them or fall back to a pre-rehearsed real estate script. Instead, I have two questions you might consider asking:

 1. Have you decided where you will move when you are ready?

If they aren’t yet sure about their next step you may be able to help. They may be considering their options and simply need more information in order to complete this part of the decision-making process. 

2. What could I do to help you be more confident, more informed, and prepared for when you are ready?

The response to this question might initially be “nothing.” That’s ok. Ask the question anyway. The fact you are willing to help them with the decision-making process and aren’t rushing them can be reassuring. 


“When someone says they’re not ready to move, there’s usually a deeper issue.”

When someone isn’t yet ready, one or more of three things may be missing:

  1. Information
  2. Confidence
  3. Support.

If your first two questions fail to result in moving the conversation forward, there is another way to facilitate decision-making. 

Mention the three things above which people sometimes lack when making a decision. Ask if any of these might be true for them. If they say yes, now you have an opportunity to present possible solutions.

If they’re just not ready yet, the best response is to reassure them you’ll be ready when they are.

Now, stay in touch because it’s impossible to know when people will be ready and what life has in store for them. They may be ready in a week, month, year, or 5 years. Regardless, your approach will be appreciated and remembered for the day they say, “I’m ready.”

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