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Creating a niche

Everyone Knows at Least 5 Realtors: So Why Refer You?


We have a question for you today. 
Are you ready?
What makes you special?


I ask that question because it seems to me that in today’s world it is getting harder and harder to be noticed. Michael Hyatt even wrote a book about it, aptly titled Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World.


When asking agents to share what their value proposition to the consumer looks like I often get answers like this:


  • I give great customer service.
  • I go the extra mile.
  • I provide personalized attention.
  • All my clients come first.

No offense, but seriously?

While those are all admirable intentions, they certainly do NOT set you apart.

What sets you apart-


3 reasons why a seniors specialty makes sense.


1. It’s the reality of today’s market.

With 1 in 4 home sellers over the age of 65, doesn’t it make sense to stand out to the very people who are most likely to be selling in the coming year?


2. It gives you an edge

Consider that fact that basically everyone knows of at least 5 real estate agents in their area. In Florida that number may be much higher (when we lived there it seemed like EVERYONE had a real estate license). When you offer something that virtually no one else in your market offers, it sets you apart and makes you stand out.


3. It’s a door opener

Face it – it’s tough to find a stage when all you have to talk about is general real estate. But when you can offer information and expertise about something that truly matters in people’s lives (like the challenges of downsizing or helping an aging parent move) you become in high demand putting you in front of more people and more opportunities.


In today’s real estate world saturated by luxury homes agents and short sale specialists, it makes sense to pay attention to the fastest growing demographic in the world – the 65+ crowd.


What are you doing to be different?


For more information on becoming a Certified Senior Housing Professional, go to

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