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I never really understood real estate agents who started a real estate sales business because they “love houses.”

The truth of it is that I wouldn’t prefer to live in many of the homes we list and sell. Especially custom homes. Custom homes are literally designed for the people who built them. Spec homes are at least built to appeal to the vast majority. It’s much easier to like those.

Regardless of custom or spec, however, houses are merely brick and mortar buildings — but they are perceived as much more.

When people say they love their homes, my education and training in psychology tells me that what they mean to say is that they love what their home represents to them. It’s about identity.

To some, especially the older generation of homeowners, homes represent things like family, stability, independence, and community. Homes are the physical representation of belonging and identification.

When real estate agents miss this point, they miss the boat.

While HGTV may tell you that selling houses is about the effective marketing and presentation of a property, in order to get someone to hire you to sell their home you must first have a love of getting to know people.

It’s about understanding and appreciating what their home represents to them.

Helping buyers requires the same appreciation — understanding what individuals want and need in order to feel good about themselves and their lives.

The house they choose is simply a reflection of those needs and wants.


Are you a real estate agent who loves people?

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