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CSHP Member Spotlight

CSHP Member Spotlight: Team Junell, Pleasanton, California

They may have the best slogan and logo of any real estate team in existence today: After all, who in the East Bay Area of Northern California could forget the leaping kangaroo that adorns their logo and who – yes who? – could forget that Team Junell is “Australian for Realtor”?


Brett and Annette Junell are the husband and wife combo comprising Team Junell, Keller Williams agents serving the Pleasanton, Dublin, Livermore, and San Ramon communities east of San Francisco.

Both are transplants to the area with Brett hailing from that great continent down under and Annette a native of northern Nevada.

Team Junell made the decision to specialize in serving senior clients after riding out a tough, California short-sale market for several years.

When they called me and said they had made the decision to build a seniors real estate niche and wanted me to guide them through the process, I was elated! Having been their coach in a group real estate coaching program, as well as their personal coach, I knew they were ideal in the role of guiding seniors through late-life moves. They are not only highly skilled and competent real estate agents, but they are just quality people – they care and have the desire to serve as advocates for those who need a little extra support — my favorite kind of clients!

It wasn’t easy at first.

They were doing all the right things, but business just wasn’t coming as fast as any of us would have liked.

But Brett and Annette, in true Team Junell style, persevered. Then it was like the faucet turned on – all the foundational pieces they had worked so hard to put in place paid off. Serving seniors is now a large percentage of their overall business and they are making a positive difference in the lives of a lot of people. It makes me proud to see what they have created both personally and professionally. The Seniors Real Estate Institute provided the blueprint and tools, but they put them into action. For example…

1. Convening a resource team of professionals to serve seniors going through the downsizing process.

2. Getting into relationship with senior living communities by doing seminars and staying in touch by adding value.

3. Branding themselves both on and offline using the Downsizing Made Easy Presentation System.

4. Sending a consistent postcard campaign to both prospects and business to business connections.

5. Networking with other aging services professionals to better understand and appreciate late-life issues and challenges.

As busy parents of an active young son, they also are appreciative of the fact that serving seniors provides them a schedule that may be a bit more sane than what the average agent may experience. “Working in the seniors niche has allowed us to free up our evenings and weekends for family time as seniors are more than happy to conduct business during business hours,” says Brett.

You absolutely must visit the Senior Living section of their website.

With an exceptionally organized, complete, and professional presentation, it boasts 10 pages of content geared to seniors who need to sell a house and find a real estate agent in Pleasanton, California. It includes a plethora of information that clearly establishes Team Junell as senior real estate experts in the San Francisco East Bay and is simply one of the best senior real estate sections you’ll ever come across.

We’re proud to have Annette and Brett – Team Junell – as Certified Senior Housing Professionals and members of The

Seniors Real Estate Institute community.

Check Out Brett’s Great, Australian Accent Below!


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