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Build Your Promotion Now for National Senior Citizens Day: August 21

Are you ready to recognize seniors in your market, do something special for them, and grow business – all at the same time? Yes is the answer! Yes you are!


In 2013 SREI initiated our first effort to encourage real estate agents across the country to participate in “National Senior Citizens Day” on August 21. 


President Ronald Reagan first proclaimed this annual day of recognition, signing it into existence in 1988. Of course, it continues to fly a bit “under the radar,” but we think REALTORS – especially those who strive to serve senior clients – should be the ones to raise awareness.




Since then, a number of students and graduates of the Seniors Real Estate Institute heeded our call to develop special promotions and events to honor seniors in their cities on August 21. Read more here. 


This year, we call upon you – yes you – to build upon what those agents began, use their efforts as motivation and a blueprint, and build your own day of recognition for seniors in your city.

At this point, you have just under 3 months to plan an event, possibly gain some cohorts, schedule it, and then promote it.

There are numerous ways – both big and small – that you can recognize this day: in fact, that’s limited pretty much only by your imagination. 


5 Ways to Get Involved



Take an older adult to coffee and ask them to share their story. Ask them to share their proud moments or cherished life’s accomplishments.
Sponsor a recognition event at a local senior living or nursing community.
Feature a senior in your blog or on social media
Invite your circle of influence to work together with you to create a special moment in the life of a senior. 
Send a personal note of thanks to any or all the older adults who have made a positive impact on your life.
Of course there are many more ways you could make this day one to remember and we encourage you to be creative! 

Examples from previous years…


1) In Birmingham, Alabama, Certified Senior Housing Professional Cindy Monk worked with the city council and mayor of her suburb, Vestavia Hills, to have the city officially proclaim every August 21 hereafter as National Senior Citizens Day in Vestavia Hills. 


More than 150 senior citizens attended an Open House hosted by Cindy and the city, where the elders enjoyed entertainment and refreshments! The city plans to hold the event every August 21 and build on the activities by including more senior organizations and their leaders





2) Other agents, like Dayna Wilson of Walnut Creek, California marked the day by writing blog posts, social media updates and sending emails publicizing the holiday and encouraging clients, friends, and colleagues to brighten the day of an elder by taking them out for lunch, visiting for coffee, or devising other ways to spend time with and serve seniors in their community.


3) In Pleasanton, California REALTORS Brett and Annette Junell celebrated the holiday in September by hosting a showing of the Senior Olympics  documentary movie “Age of Champions” at a retirement community. 


So, did those spark an idea? What will you do? “National Senior Citizens Day” is a great chance to do something special and kind for the elders in your community while also allowing you to perhaps garner some press, build relationships, and showcase your dedication to seniors in your real estate or senior services business.


Please keep us apprised of your ideas and plans. Additionally, if you’d like to bounce an idea or two off us, please feel free to drop me a mail here. 

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