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Becoming the ExpertPoints of Difference

Becoming an Expert Requires Becoming a Student

Most of our members are aware by now that I have gone back to school to earn my doctorate in psychology. Focusing my studies on the psychology of aging, specifically environmental psychology and aging, it is my intention to learn all I can about what older adults face as they make late-life moves.

Why would I do this?

Why would I go back to school to get a PhD while I am in the midst of running a successful international training organization dedicated to helping real estate agents create seniors real estate specialties?

Great question — and one that several people have asked!

One thing I have learned over the years is that by becoming students of our passions, Chris and I have been able to set ourselves apart from the average agents, coaches, and trainers. We immerse ourselves in learning everything there is to know about what we do and teach.

The more we know about our target audience and their needs, challenges, desires, and dreams, the better we become at connecting with and serving them.

Are you a student of your passions?

What are you doing DAILY to become educated and informed about those you serve and the industry to which you belong?

You don’t have to go to graduate school to get a PhD in seniors real estate to master your local market or your niche — you just have to be intentional about learning. Become a student and go out and share what you learn.

Do you want to TRULY differentiate yourself and make a positive difference in the lives of others?

If you do, I recommend that you become a student and master all there is to know about what you do and those whom you serve. Stop swimming in the small pond and go make some waves!

In the recent Keeping Current Matters (KCM) eGuide, Unlocking the Secrets of Real Estate’s New Market Reality, they write,

“It’s actually quite simple: Information being readily available (without context or understanding) causes confusion. That’s when people seek out professionals (whether it be a doctor, lawyer, or real estate professional) for an analysis of the information and their situation. Because of the wealth of information available, people are yearning for expert advice.”

This is so true!

One of the reasons that our graduates specializing in seniors real estate do so well is that they have the ability to help older adult clients and their families navigate the many complexities involved in late-life moves. It’s not that the real estate sale is that much more difficult, but it’s the many variables that go along with this type of move which makes it confusing for older adults. By being educated about and able to simplify the complexities, these highly knowledgeable professionals are able to convert more listings and attract more referrals.

The KCM Crew is right on target in their message about becoming an “expert” real estate professional.


What actions will you take to position yourself as an expert in seniors real estate in your market?


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