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Learn best practices when attending a senior health expo or fair
and practical tips on how to succeed as a vendor.

Senior health fairs and expos are held all over the country. Somewhat seasonal, they usually occur in the early Spring and Fall but may be held other times of year. 

Real estate pro’s who are specializing the mature market are often invited to participate in these events. Consider at least two options for participation:  

  1. An attendee
  2. A participant


As an attendee, you might make it a point to get to know the vendors and learn about the various services available to seniors in your city and state. It’s a virtual smorgasbord of information.

One piece of advice here is that you don’t overstay your welcome at any one booth. The vendors are there to talk with people who are interested in their services – namely senior adults. So, be aware and don’t overstay your welcome or you may be seen as annoying rather than pleasant. 


As a participant, I would encourage you to focus on the needs of the attendees. Rather than a big banner with your real estate headshot that says, “Call me when you’re ready to sell your house,” consider a different approach. Maybe a sign that says, “Ask me how I can make your move easier.” Remember that people who attend these events are not generally in action mode, so rather than selling, help them by educating them. This can be the beginning of a new relationship that might result in business over time. 


If you are offering educational programming as part of your business model, inviting people to attend a future seminar is the best possible promotion you can do at expos and trade fairs. By inviting them to an event where you are the speaker, moderator, or presenter, you give them an opportunity to get to know you better without the pressure of a one-on-one meeting before they might be ready. 


If you are holding a raffle or drawing, be sure to include a question about whether or not they own a home. This will help you when it comes to creating a relevant follow-up system after the event. 

Keep in mind that expos and fairs are far better for becoming known in your market as an expert in serving the mature market than they are at generating immediate leads. 

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