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 In this video I will share the essential services provided by move managers and why it’s important that agents have a strong move manager connection. 

Below is an exhaustive list of what move managers may do to support people who are relocating. Keep in mind that move managers, like real estate agents, are all different and their business models vary considerably. So, while they “could” do all the things listed below, it does not necessarily mean they do.

It’s best to interview prospective move management organizations and find out what they offer, their processes, and their experience. 

  • Space planning this means drafting a floorplan to scale and taking measurements of furnishings and other household items to determine what will fit and the client’s arrangement preferences.
  • Sorting and selecting – when clients are physically unable or need additional support with going through cabinets, closets, offices, etc., move managers may assist them by strategically taking them through a selection process. The move manager does the physical part and the client is only responsible for saying, yes, no, or maybe. 
  • Packing and prepping – rather than having a moving company pack household items, move management teams may provide packing services. This also includes staging items in preparation for the movers to pick up and deliver. 
  • Move coordination and oversight – move managers often schedule the movers and meet them for the day of the move. They may guide the movers by providing the space plan and assisting with furniture placement. (Some move management companies may also own professional moving companies). 
  • Unpacking and resettling support to expedite the resettling process, move managers often unpack the boxes and put things away. This may include organizing closets, cupboards, pantries, etc., and making up beds and hanging pictures. This is typically done to the extent clients elect such support and is often based on availability of family support and capabilities. 
  • Removal of boxes and packing paper – this may seem simple, but can be very taxing on people with physical limitations or mobility challenges, so most move managers prefer to provide this service. 
  • Arranging for liquidation or disposal services – when there are household furnishings and other items left at the previous residents, move managers may make referrals and recommendations for reputable liquidation options and coordinate such services. (Some move management companies also offer liquidation services). 
  • Referrals to real estate professionals – unless the move manager is also a real estate agent or broker, they generally refer clients who need to sell a home to a local agent. (Some move managers are also real estate agents or are married to a real estate agent.)

If you don’t have a move manager, you are one!

As you can see from this list of services, every agent should have a strong working relationship with a move manager! 

If you aren’t sure how to find a move manager, here are a couple of resources to get you started! 

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