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Growing Your Business

Time to Get Off of High Center

You already have the skills, experience, and tools you need in order to create the seniors real estate and housing business and life you envision. Now it’s time to take action!

The question we usually get is, “Where do I start?”

If you are finding yourself on high center – unmotivated or “stuck” – Take a moment to consider these questions first:

  • What is easy? Consider the things that come naturally to you – they are your gifts – use them to add value to those in your target audience. It comes back full circle.
  • Who are the raving fans in your life that you love talking to and who are excited about helping you achieve your goals? Remember the people who support you. When your fans know what you are doing and what you need, they set out to help you succeed.
  • What is your zone of genius? Think about the things people appreciate most about you – what advice do people seek from you? Share it. 

When you begin to consider your next steps, keep in mind that forward movement is required in order to achieve your goals. The best part about that is that any ‘ol forward movement will do (as long as it aligns with your values, goals and intentions) to begin the process.  Once you get off of high center, then your motivation and focus will show up!

Here are a list of 5 action items to consider as you get started in creating your desired results.

  1. Write down your goals. The act of physically writing them down is taking action.
  2. Call your raving fans and let them know about your niche, your new certification, or just simply reconnect.
  3. Send out a press release to your local media, post online, or just hand it out to your business to business connections.
  4. Email or mail your CSHP® announcement letter to everyone you know (it is in the CSHP® members library).
  5. Write a blog post about why you love working with seniors or your specific niche market and promote it on your social media and websites.

Building a seniors real estate or housing division is not difficult. There are millions of seniors and boomer children who need your help. It begins with taking daily action toward your goals.

Choose an action – it only takes one. Start now. 

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