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I am finding myself curious about the concept of “Failing Forward.” 

As John Maxwell says in his book on the topic,

When achievers fail, they see it as a momentary event, not a lifelong epidemic.”

Having been in a class or in personal coaching with me, you know that I am of the belief there is no such thing as failure. You also know that I throw LOTS of spaghetti at the wall (metaphorically speaking) to see what sticks. What is interesting to me is that reality it much like the metaphor — most of the noodles fall straight to the floor with only a few hanging tightly to the paint. A few hang on with great effort, but ultimately find themselves splattered on the tile.

Similarly, if I can be so bold as to use another very familiar phenomenon in comparison — our reproductive system. It requires lots of little swimmers with only one strong, tenacious, and healthy one crossing the finish line! Does that make all the other little swimmers failures? Not necessarily. Could we consider the possibility that the other swimmers were necessary in order to make it possible for ‘the one’ to complete the desired outcome. 

You may think I have fallen off my rocker this morning as I began this post and maybe you’re right. 

What I know though is that I have a seminar this week that is NOT turning out the way I expected. I also know that there is a gift in it — I am just not sure what it is yet and am excitedly awaiting its revelation. 

Reminder to self (and to you)…. there is no failure, only feedback. 

We are EXACTLY where we are supposed to be at EXACTLY the right time. When we pay attention to our inner voices, get into alignment with our higher power, follow our passions, and stay in our zones of genius, we can’t fail. It’s just not a possibility. 

Have an amazing, productive, prosperous, and joy-filled week.


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