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Becoming the Expert

Become an Expert by Hosting Focus Groups

 In this video, we will share one of the most powerful ways of learning what you need to know for better serving more seniors. 

What is a focus group and why should you host them?

Hosting focus groups can be a very important part of growing a successful senior real estate niche. Here are at least three reasons why.

1. Create a value proposition by learning the REAL needs, wants, experiences, and expectations of your ideal customers.

If you are new, you can learn this by interviewing people who have already made the move. Senior communities can be great collaborators in this effort because it also helps them get better at transitioning new move-ins and understanding prospective resident needs. 

2. Build collaborative relationships with senior living community sales and marketing teams.

By working together with senior living communities, you demonstrate your desire to serve – not just sell.

3. Develop a library of first-hand stories to help future prospects and clients make forward progress.

Focus groups are key to learning (when you’re new) and staying current (when you’re more seasoned) so that you can always be at the top of your game! When you can share the stories of others, you bring credibility, experience, and relevance to the conversation. This experience, insight, and first-hand knowledge is what makes you an expert – not simply letters after your name.

Are You Ready to learn?

If you are a student enrolled in the Success in Seniors Real Estate course, Part 3, you know that holding a focus group is one of the requirements for earning the Certified Senior Housing Professional (CSHP). 

We never assign a Business Blueprint task that isn’t specifically designed to make you a better agent or to help you grow a strong and successful niche in the senior real estate field. Of course we also give you the tools and instruction necessary to help you succeed at every task along the way. Refer to your course materials and participate in the weekly accountability sessions!