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What services do placement agencies offer?

In this video we will share the various services that local placement providers may offer, as well as the pitfalls of using or recommending certain providers. 

Placement agencies (sometimes called referral services) provide assistance to people seeking to move into a retirement community setting. Most, but not all, are focused on immediate moves involving a transition from home or hospital to a healthcare setting like assisted living, memory care, or long term care. 

Fees are typically paid by the community where the person ultimately moves and can range from $500 to the amount of first month’s rent (or more). Some states regulate the way fees are charged and some states do not allow communities to pay placement agencies, so check with your state’s laws to better understand how these services operate in your state. 

Agencies most commonly work with discharge planners and families when older adults are unable to go home following a hospital or rehabilitation stay (needs-based or crisis-based moves). They also help individuals living at home or in independent living find assisted living and long term healthcare options.

Placement agencies often have contracts with some, but not all senior living communities in a given geographic area. Some communities choose not to pay for leads and may not agree to work with certain placement services. Depending on the provider, this may influence their recommendations. 


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