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Seminars Are a Win-Win Business Strategy 

In this video, we discuss 3 ways that adding seminars
to your business strategy can help make you the mature market expert.

Hi, everyone, Nikki Buckelew here at the Senior’s Real Estate Institute. One of our previous videos sparked a question from the audience. And that question was, “How can seminars help me grow my senior centered real estate niche?”

And that’s a great question. So I feel like I’ve answered questions about seminars in the past on previous videos. But I was thinking about a couple of things that we may not have mentioned before. So I’ve got three thoughts for you. Three, basically, food for thought ideas. 

Learn and grow your knowledge

One is that by doing seminars, just the very nature saying, I’m gonna go out and I’m gonna deliver educational information, you inherently have to learn and make connections with people on the subject matter that you’re teaching. So let’s say you’re doing a panel on how to pay for senior living. Well, you’re going to interview financial planners. You’re going to interview trust officers. You’re going to interview Medicaid and Medicare experts. You’re going to interview people who know about Veterans aid and attendance and life care contracts.

So by the very nature of having to do that research so that you can effectively present, you have opened yourself up to a number of opportunities to connect with people who could directly and indirectly affect your business over time. 

Become the authority

The second thing is that as a moderator or a presenter, you become the authority on subject matter that is being delivered. So in this case, senior real estate.

And so as you’re presenting, the people in the room, whether they be professionals or attendees, begin to see you as credible and as the authority. And so when they think about someone who needs to sell their home or make a downsizing move, they think of you. And that’s really really powerful and really the key to growing your long term business. 

Build rapport and relationships

Then the third one is that naturally, as you build rapport with the audience and the attendees, and as they think about their needs in the future (as they relate to real estate) they’re going to reach out and contact you.

So it’s about building rapport over time. Now what we know is that the sales cycle for people who have lived in their home for a couple of decades or more is that the sales cycle can be much longer. And as a result, decisions are made slower. And so they need a little more time. By coming to your seminars on a regular basis, they have the time they need to get to know you.

You’re educating them. And then, when they’re ready, it just makes sense that they’ll reach out to you to help them with their move and sell their home. 

I hope this has been helpful. I can tell you that there are numerous other ways that seminars will benefit you and your business, but those are the top three, and we’ll get into the others in another video.

Until then, make it a great day, and we’ll see you soon.

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