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Online To-Do’s for Branding Your Seniors Real Estate Niche

Goal: Become the online expert in your chosen niche


  • Brand your specialty through a tagline, images, logo, look & feel.
  • Create a tab or button on home page for niche related information.
  • Pages with information relative to niche related topics.
  • Pages including information on local resources & housing options related to your niche.
  • Page or information on what you do SPECIAL for your target market (UVP).
  • If you have a template site, clean it up so that it is not so wordy!
  • Use photos and formatting to break up content.
  • On the home page customize a search that automatically shows niche specific listings from your IDX.
  • Your bio: Written in 1st person. Be sure to share why you specialize in your chosen niche.
  • Offer a “free report” or resource that requires them to register on the site.
  • Above the fold on the site – Search for homes, Get Your Home’s Value, Form to register for info.
  • Include community information & lead capture tool (free report or market snapshot, etc).


  • Make sure your blog is incorporated into your website.
  • Blog at least 1x per week. New content is key.
  • Use guest bloggers or hire a VA to assist with blogging consistently.
  • Use both regular real estate blog posts mixed with niche specific ones.
  • Mix short and long blog posts (max length 700-900 words).
  • Link back key words from blogs to information on your website pages.
  • Link back key words to other prominent niche relevant sites.
  • Use guest blogs from your resource team members.
  • Do a blog post 2x a month on niche related communities in your area.
  • Use key words in your blog posts. Check out Google Adwords for key word ideas.
  • Include social media share buttons on all blog posts.

Easy-to-write Article Examples:

Step by step articles:

Interview style articles:


you have a company template site already copy rich, repurpose those
pages to make blog posts. Saves time and money. Change it up some so
that it is not identical to the site content.


  • Follow and friend niche related services, providers, organizations, etc.
  • Link your FB fan page so that your status updates feed to your twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media sites.
  • Update your profiles to indicate your specialty.
  • If you have a designation like the Certified Senior Housing Professional use it, but if you don’t, use some other version like ‘expert,’ ‘professional,’ etc. Be creative.
  • Post blog posts to your FB fan page, personal page, and other sites.
  • Status updates daily to include both real estate success stories & niche info.
  • Retweet and repost articles from sources that also write about your niche.
  • Come from contribution. Give your followers great information they can use.

In order to be recognized as the expert in your specialty, you have to SHOW UP as the expert!



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