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CSHP Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Cindy Monk: Birmingham CSHP

“Southern hospitality isn’t just a phrase. It’s a way of being, living, and an indicator of how one conducts business. In this day and age, it isn’t so much about a sort of sweet, genteel, politeness, but rather what to expect from someone whom you rely on to have your best interests in mind.” 


What you just read is the opening paragraph from Cindy Monk’s bio and one we felt important to include here, simply because our team at SREI believes it describes her perfectly. 



Cindy is an Associate Broker of ERA-King Realty and the epitome of southern hospitality. When it comes time to buy or sell a house in Birmingham, Alabama, Cindy deploys more than 25 years of experience in residential and commercial real estate sales and management. She moved to Birmingham, Alabama about 15 years ago after having traveled from Houston to San Francisco and back. Now firmly entrenched in the heart of the Old South, Cindy is leading the way in providing exemplary service to seniors on the move. 


According to Cindy, it was a sense that something was missing in Dixie that spurred her to commit to earning the Certified Senior Housing Professional designation from the Seniors Real Estate Institute, jumping in both feet first.

“I decided to specialize in serving seniors because it was very obvious to me that the typical realtor did not understand what was necessary to help older adults in the sale of a home at this stage of the senior’s life,” says Cindy. And, quite frankly, Cindy (like me) was a bit tired of seeing older adults dealt with in a way that focused specifically on sales quotas and a “turn and burn” mentality so prevalent in real estate these days.

“(We all know that) REALTORS typically want to sell a home fast and without complications – it is a numbers game for them. All they care about is the number of houses they can sell each year,” she notes. “But a senior’s home is not a fast transaction and will involve many other services and a much broader understanding of the emotional impact the sale of a home can have on them.”

Cindy has also taken to heart a huge part of the blueprint that we offer for success at The Seniors Real Estate Institute. She makes things happen and works to grow her recognition and awareness as a champion for seniors in Birmingham.

She writes a monthly article on senior housing and downsizing issues for a Birmingham magazine and conducts regular decluttering and “Downsizing Made Easy” classes across the city.


In 2013, Cindy chose to be a participant in our initiative that encouraged real estate agents across the U.S. to develop a great promotional opportunity and day of service for “National Senior Citizens Day” on August 21st


Cindy worked with the city council and mayor of one of her target Birmingham suburbs – Vestavia Hills – to have the city officially proclaim every August 21 hereafter as “National Senior Citizens Day in Vestavia Hills.” More than 150 senior citizens attended an Open House hosted by Cindy and the city, where the elders enjoyed entertainment and refreshments. Now we think that is pretty cool.

But her recipe for success doesn’t stop there. She really is a tireless champion for senior rights in Birmingham and across the state. Cindy sits on the Board of Directors of The Alabama Coalition for Culture Change, a group that works to improve living conditions for seniors, and is the Director of REALTOR Education for The Accessible Housing Coalition of Alabama, educating real estate professionals and consumers statewide regarding accessible housing for all.

“I am first a senior advocate, then a REALTOR, and my goal is that the senior be happier in the next place they move to,” she says.

We at SREI are excited about Cindy’s contribution to her community, her increased sales production, and her leadership as a Certified Senior Housing Professional!

Thank you, Cindy, for your excellent example!


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