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Legacy Conference 2021: What to Expect

Conference Sessions

General Sessions

REALTORS® as Legacy Coaches

Professionals having specialized in the senior real estate space for long recognize that selling a home or assisting in a purchase is only one small part of a much bigger picture when it comes to late-life moves. Older adults and retirees are frequently planning for the next chapter of life, and they are looking to their agents as one of their many trusted guides along the way. But what does it take to be the expert they need and deserve? Join Dr. Nikki Buckelew, Founder of the Seniors Real Estate Institute as she shares a vision of the future where real estate agents are known for far more than just being good salespeople.

Downsizing Made Easy Method™

The myth is that clients pay us for what we do, when in reality, they are paying us for what we know. As clients, whether inexperienced or seasoned, entrust us to guide them through the real estate sale (and relocation process), it’s because they expect us to know more than they do. They want a hassle-free, smooth, and ideally, pleasurable experience. The way you provide this by educating them about the process you follow – a proven strategy that, when employed correctly, aligns with their goals. Learn how the Downsizing Made Easy Method can serve as the solution they are looking for and how you can incorporate it into your practice.

What’s Next in the Evolution of Your Business?

While we discuss, converse, and sometimes lecture our clients to prepare for the future, we may not always be following our own advice! Everything has a cycle, including our businesses. The actions you take and the challenges you face will be (or should be) directly correlated to where you are in this cycle, as well as your personal and professional goals. In this session we will take a look at the growth cycles of a business and help you assess where you are, where you are headed, and what to expect from what’s coming next.

Think Like a Legacy Coach: Case study group exercise

Work together within small groups to find solutions, offer support, and solve problems as you consider a series of real life case studies involving senior adult homeowners seeking your help. Everyone has something to offer and we all have more to learn, so let’s put our heads together and create something amazing. Who knows where this might lead! (Bring a copy of your consultation materials along with you so you can refer to them when or if needed during the discussion).

Downsizer Clubs: Shortening the Sales Cycle

The evening bonus session is for those considering incorporation of a Downsizers Club in their local market. This new SREI initiative has been beta-tested by a handful of CSHPs this year and has proven successful as a means of staying connected with the “I’m not ready” group we have all encountered. Get the basic format for hosting a downsizers club and shorten your learning curve for implementation.

Panel Presentations

Downsizing Debriefs: Real People – Real Stories

This panel is always a conference favorite because it gives attendees a glimpse into the psyche and experiences of people having completed the downsizing journey. We ask panelists to be completely candid about their downsizing adventures including feelings, thoughts, and strategies. We want to know what went well and what didn’t, and how we as real estate professionals can best be of service to others just like them.

The Power of Senior Living Seminars

The topic of educational seminars as a strategy for both serving seniors and growing a strong lead pipeline is always requested by conference attendees. This year, instead of simply talking to the people who host them, we are going to talk with those who attend! The featured panelists for this session include current and past senior living seminar attendees who are prepared to share their perspectives as consumers of adult education.

Successful Senior Living Seminars

Get best practices from the best in the biz on creating seminars that attract people and turn them into raving fans (and clients). Featured panelists have proven that hosting educational programming (even during COVID-19 shutdowns) is a viable, profitable, and most importantly, personally rewarding public platform strategy.

Senior Seminar Sponsorships

Get answers to who, why, and how: One of the primary obstacles to launching and/or expanding your senior seminar initiative is often the cost of putting on events. While we know the investment pays off, coming up with the cash in the launch phase can be tough. That’s why we have invited longtime seminar sponsors to share their insights on what makes sponsorship a worthwhile investment of time and resources.

Partnering to Provide End-to-End Relocation Strategies

Hear from fellow CSHPs who have incorporated the “one stop shop” concept for serving downsizing seniors without bringing services in-house. This is a great opportunity to evaluate and understand what others are doing and to make educated and informed decisions about your own offerings and business model going forward.

Expanding from Within as an End-to-End Strategy

Learn from fellow CSHP’s who have chosen to expand their in-house offerings to include move management, estate liquidation, and moving services. Find out why they made these decisions and how they incorporate them into their real estate sales practices.


Wednesday evening social

Join the SREI leadership and event team for heavy hors d’oeuvres and drinks at the conference hotel. Mix and mingle and share insights from the day’s events.

Networking lunch

Enjoy lunch provided by SREI as you swap stories, share secrets, and strategize together with peers from around the country. Sometimes the best information comes from what you learn from each other over a cookie and chips (or veggie sticks if you prefer). Get to know your fellow CSHPs and create lasting friendships and referral partnerships with like-minded servant leaders.

Legacy Leader Award Presentation

The Seniors Real Estate Institute is made up of hundreds of servant leaders. Each year we honor one of these talented and giving individuals or teams who represent the best of the best. Join us in celebrating this years SREI Legacy Leader honoree.


For those staying overnight in OKC, look for a fun and unofficial location to just enjoy food, fun, and friendships. Location to be announced.

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