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Success in Seniors Real Estate

How to Stay in Touch With Senior Prospects

Here are three different ways you can better stay in touch with prospects.

Though the general process for dealing with your senior prospects isn’t that much different from how you’d handle any other type of prospect, there are some key differences to note. For one, the sales cycle can be a little longer for those who are looking to downsize or have lived in the same home for years, if not decades. When working with sales cycles that can last one year or more, how do you stay in touch regularly without seeming pushy? Here are three ways: 

1. Offering educational opportunities. These could include recorded material that’s sent out regularly or a series of live events. Educational seminars can be both real estate-related and non-real estate-related; whatever timely issues your particular audience may be dealing with make for great topics. 

“The sales cycle can be a little longer for those who are looking to downsize or have lived in the same home for years.”

2. Hosting practical events. Have you ever heard of a ‘shred day’ party? It’s where you schedule for a truck to come in, and then invite all your past, present, and prospective clients to clean out a closest or two by shredding old papers and throwing away junk. They can utilize that day to meet you, say hello, and drop off their soon-to-be-shredded items. An event like this has practical value for clients. There are tons of different examples besides a shred day, so don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. 

3. Having some fun! Consider renting a party bus and taking people on a tour of your city. Perhaps you could drive your clients through some of the top 55+ neighborhoods while you point out some of the surrounding area’s history. Private movie screenings, art gallery walk-throughs, and even select concerts are just a few examples of some successful events that our Certified Senior Housing Professionals (CSHPs) have orchestrated. 

Whether it’s educational, practical, or fun, there are plenty of ways to provide value to your prospects throughout the sales cycle. There’s no need to hound people with the dreaded “So, are you ready to sell?” calls. What are some ways you can connect your prospects to your community and build strong relationships in the process? 

I hope this information was helpful. Please feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel and/or reach out to us with any real estate-related questions you may have. We’d love to chat with you.

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