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How REALTORS Made a Difference on National Senior Citizens Day

A few months back we encouraged you to develop a special celebration or recognition of seniors in your city as part of National Senior Citizens Day on August 21, an annual day of recognition proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan in 1988. 


Obviously, this was intended to do something special and kind for the elders in your community while also allowing you to perhaps garner some press, build relationships, and showcase your dedication to seniors in your real estate or senior services business.


We hope this inspired our Certified Senior Housing Professionals and others in the seniors niche into brainstorming ways in which you can make a difference in the lives of seniors in your town while also growing your business.

While putting on a huge event is certainly a fantastic way to go, we also wanted to pass along a pat on the back and thank you to the many agents we’ve heard from who went out of their way that day to spend time with – or call –  a senior family member or drop off an ice cream cake at a retirement community for a special treat. Every single kindness matters.

Here are a couple examples of what senior housing professionals did in their markets to brighten everyone’s day: 


In Birmingham, Alabama, REALTOR Cindy Monk worked with the city council and mayor of her suburb, Vestavia Hills, to have the city officially proclaim every August 21 hereafter as National Senior Citizens Day in Vestavia Hills. 


More than 150 senior citizens attended an Open House hosted by Cindy and the city, where the elders enjoyed entertainment and refreshments! The city plans to hold the event every August 21 and build on the activities by including more senior organizations and their leaders.


Cindy was thrilled with the sense of community her celebration fostered. “They were so appreciative of the event held in their honor,” she says. “For many, it was an opportunity to see friends they haven’t  seen in a very long time. It gave the Mayor an opportunity to personally thank them for their contributions that have made the city a great place to live. I heard many discussions sharing wonderful past memories, and there were many, many smiles.”


Other agents, like Dayna Wilson of Walnut Creek, California marked the day by writing blog posts, social media updates and sending emails publicizing the holiday and encouraging clients, friends, and colleagues to brighten the day of an elder by taking them out for lunch, visiting for coffee, or devising other ways to spend time with and serve seniors in their community.


In Pleasanton, California REALTORS Brett and Annette Junell plan to celebrate the holiday in September by hosting a showing of the Senior Olympics documentary movie “Age of Champions” at a retirement community. Here’s how they’re promoting their celebration on their blog.


This is the first year that we’ve encouraged you – the real estate agents and senior housing professionals of the Seniors Real Estate Institute – to embark on this sort of plan to bring cheer to the day of seniors and plot out ways in which to build relationships and grow business in your market.


If you weren’t able to participate this year, you have plenty of time now to plan for the 2014 version of National Senior Citizens Day. And keep in mind that many ideas and opportunities that present themselves can be implemented at any time of the year.

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