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In this video, we talk about what we believe is most important in
senior real estate training.

More and more brokerages are beginning to offer education around working with seniors.

Better late than never, right?

So, we were asked if we (those of us who have been training on the subject for over a decade) are worried about competition? The fact is, we welcome it.

As more people begin to hold classes on the issues related to serving the mature market in real estate, the more it helps seniors. It also raises the awareness that there are specialists in the field. 

A rising tide raises all boats, right? 

If we did have concerns about up-and-coming programs being offered, it would be that some trainings might simply be centered about getting more business. If they don’t address the complex and often emotional and logistical differences associated with moves involving longtime homeowners, frail elders, and people downsizing from longtime residences, they are missing the mark. 

The mature market is not one that all agents are equipped to serve – or designed to serve. Working with seniors is more about people than it is about property. Yes, as an agent you will be able to attract a senior client, but what if that client is in the early stages of dementia or has vision, hearing, or mobility challenges? Do you know how to ensure they are making informed decisions and have the ability to navigate the real estate transaction based on the training you enrolled in? Do you have the necessary resources to help them with their move if they don’t have family support (50% or more do not have adult children to help them)? 

So, do I worry about competition? Well, not for the reasons one might think. But, yes, I guess I do worry. 

Real estate is a highly competitive field. It’s sales. We have to sell ourselves and then sell a property to get paid. 

I just hope that those who are choosing to market themselves as specialists in serving seniors do so with integrity. If the training programs instill this in people to the best of their ability, I say, the more training the better! 

Seniors need for us to be at our best! 

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