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3 Ways to Be the Authority as a Presenter

In this video we discuss 3 proven strategies for presenting educational programs. 

There are at least three presentation styles ideal for educating your audience and creating a trusting and mutually beneficial relationship: 


This is what most people think of when they think of public speaking. The reason this can make some people nervous is because they are the only person in front of the audience. Essentially, it puts them in the spotlight.

Expert panels

By putting together a group of subject matter experts related to a specific topic, you not only make it more interesting to your attendees, you also broaden the scope of available topics you can cover. For instance, you can do a program centered around estate planning by hosting an estate planning attorney, trust officer, and other related professionals as expert panelists.


Maybe a particular topic doesn’t warrant a full panel, or you want to take a deep dive into a topic and have a subject matter expert who can carry the room on their own. Rather than asking them to present, interview them in front of a live audience. 

This makes for a very interesting program and keeps you engaged as an authority in the room. 

P.S. Don’t give away your microphone!

One of the biggest mistakes we see amateur presenters make is giving away their microphone. While it may seem like a good idea, simply introducing the speaker and then sitting on the sidelines while they do all the talking does not give you credibility in the minds of the attendees. 

Furthermore, when you ask a presenter to be a panelist or part of an interview and they insist on presenting the program without you, they may not be the right fit for your particular program. 

If your goal is to BE THE AUTHORITY, you must maintain an active role in the presentation.

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